Next Week’s Obey Art Print: Obama

Looks like Shepard Fairey is jumping on the Barack-star wagon, as next week’s print will be Obama.  It is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint and has an edition of 350.  This will come out sometime Wednesday, January 30.  Visit

72 Responses to “Next Week’s Obey Art Print: Obama”

  1. Dear jebus! The $hit I had to go through to see if there was anything related to this week’s print here!

    I guess I’ll just try my luck at this week’s print. Just hope the new “random” release deal works in my favour.

    Thank bloody god you banned that imbecile!

  2. it’s up already!

  3. i’d agree with the color complaints if this wasn’t an election year, a presidential hopeful, and political campaign. but since it is, i think the red white and blue works wonderfully.

    just got one.

  4. Dam.. SOLD OUT

  5. Blah, that was early.

  6. They really don’t have the brightest people working over there do they. Hey lets put an Obama print up at the time when the least amount of Americans can buy it. Brilliant!

  7. Oh that’s just fantastic! F*cking SOLD OUT! I sure hope I don’t see a rash of them on eBay!

  8. Don’t hope tooooooo hard… Might just lead to the whole “You can sh*t in one hand and wish in the other…” thing…

  9. for those who missed out earlier, it’s back up

  10. It says SOLD OUT again! (Now that I’ve finally gotten the bloody page to load!)

    Toying with people’s emotions I see!

    Tell ya what, if it pops up again, buy one for me and I’ll PayPal you the money?

  11. WTF mate. Random times and random amounts= no prints for the shlub who sleeps.

  12. or works

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