Next Week’s Obey Art Print: Obama

Looks like Shepard Fairey is jumping on the Barack-star wagon, as next week’s print will be Obama.  It is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint and has an edition of 350.  This will come out sometime Wednesday, January 30.  Visit

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  1. Illustration is alright I guess.

    Not 100% sold on the colors though. I can understand the subdued patriotic reference, using rw&b. But something about it just doesn’t work, and I think it’s the lighter shade of blue.

    Knockout is a decent font, but I don’t know that it conveys “progress” per se. Maybe a nice weight of Gotham, or something a bit more friendly in appearance. Something less condensed.

    The way the tie and shirt are cut off due to the type really bugs me. It would be nice if it were just a portrait without any type. You could still title it “Progress” and all, just don’t have to have the word appear in the artwork.

    I’m guessing these will go for $50 due to the larger format?

    Regardless, I think I’ll pass.

  2. The print is amazing. Digging the larger formats too.

  3. Okay, I’m going to be really, really pissed if I get screwed on this like I did the last two. I want this print, on my wall.

  4. I thought Barack didn’t wear pins on his lapel.

  5. i dig this but i agree theres something weird about the colors. that red is a little harsh to be a shade on a face. but i think hes trying to show obama’s stand for unity, half red half blue.

  6. Hey lets elect someone for president that will not even say the pledge of allegiance!

  7. Cherokeemist.


  8. BEEFLOAF? You wanna chime in? The colors o.k. for you?

  9. Hey guys,
    You have to admit. Shepard really did a great job. I was going for hillary but now I am going for Obama. Thanks Shepard for opening my eyes. We love you Shep. Keep up the great, great work

    Peace fingers

  10. OBEYMA

  11. ^ 😆

  12. Hey Evan,
    That is a good one..Shep and Barack in 08′

  13. Evan


  14. The coloring looks weird because it is to disguise the fact that Obama is actually an African American. Fairey wants the voters to ignore that fact.

  15. You have to admit. Shepard really did a great job.

    Admit what? What great job? He took a [hopefully public domain, legally acquired] photo and vectorized it – something any first semester graphic design student or 14 year old kid with a pirated copy of Illustrator can do.

    Nothing amazing here.

    Proceeds from this print go to produce prints for a large statewide poster campaign.

    OK – so I understand this properly, Shepard is going to sell prints to raise money to fund a large poster campaign? Shouldn’t that money come straight from the people helping run the campaign?

    Why not give the proceeds to some health care organization, the red cross, free clinics or other in-need places directly instead of trying to raise money to raise awareness about someone who, at the present time, has no power, yet is for healthcare reform.

    Another interesting statement,

    Obama is for energy and environmental conservation.

    I’m pretty sure all the Obey prints I have were done on paper, which came from trees. Most inks emit toxic fumes when they are being made.. doesn’t sound very environmentally safe to me. Every Obey print I’ve ordered comes in a new non-recycled cardboard tube with non-recycle friendly plastic end caps.

    I don’t care politically either way or who votes for who – it is your choice – I just don’t think that this campaign makes a whole lot of sense. My opinion, I’d be more likely to clap my hands if a print wasn’t made one week as a sign to say Shepard is trying to save the environment or if this print was done in a quantity of 1,000 and the proceeds went somewhere that money was actually needed, not in an attempt to raise more awareness by making more posters.

  16. Cherokee Mist: You are obviously mistaken. The video you linked to was the national anthem. Please make sure to check your sources before you try to get smart.

  17. Whats less patriotic is the awful rendition of the national anthem being belted out over that video.

  18. Man, some of the people who post on here are fucking morons. No direct comments; the idiots and hater know who they are.

  19. …hopefully.

  20. Autodactyl, funny you say that, given that you make the most myopic, defensive, fan-obsessed comments here.

  21. These statements:

    “disguise the fact that Obama is actually an African American”

    “Hey lets elect someone for president that will not even say the pledge of allegiance!”

    have nothing to do with Shepard Fairey.

    Such statements are dishonest and asinine.

  22. That’s where I’m coming from with my last statements. If I am being “myopic, defensive, fan-obesssed” for saying so, then so be it.

  23. here we go again, the wanker known as obey taking kids money. You noticed this is his “get out the vote for obama act of political consciousness” YET THE A*SHOLE IS plain exploiting the stupid f*ucks out there. Yeah yeah, he needs the proceeds to produce more obama posters. LOL. Have you ever seen a political poster with a f*uckn’ corporate logo prominently displayed with it? lol

  24. what a j*erkoff Frank Fairey is – f*uckn advertising himself in this manner. Btw all you kids do know that Frank is his real name right?

  25. Yes, that’s his first name. Shepard is his middle name. You must work for the FBI.

  26. Why is everbody hating on Shepard? Ok so he backs Obama so what! What are you doing for the election? That’s what I thought. If Shep wants to spend his money buying a million balloons and popping them guess what it is his money. So what he makes more than $20,000 per week per print. What are you doing? It does not matter. Shepard is the most important person in the art world today. He is our hero and he will always be. I love you Shep and I got your back…If everything goes according to plan I may have the print by Tues. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  27. My, my, Wanskta! Such language!

    Next week’s print: Dukakis!

  28. is this a promo for obama or is obama promoting obey? Can’t tell

  29. Not knocking Shepard at all here, that print just sucks. I can’t imagine finishing the coloring on this one and then thinking it looks good. Did one of the new interns make this one? Is that what happened here?

  30. Hey Mr Weatherman,
    This print is the best so far. I love the way he blended the colors and took his time to sepearate with such ease. This print is flawless. I dig it. He is sssoooooooo talented. God bless Shepard

    peace fingers

  31. Hey Sutton,

    Can you hop off Shepard’s d*ck for a minute? I’m sure there are others around here who want a ride.

    middle fingers

  32. whoever is posting this bullshit is giving the real “kevin sutton” a bad name…

  33. Be careful who you obey – progress comes thru experience. Don’t believe the hype.

  34. Hey Jeremy,
    What are you talking about? Are you the real Jeremy? What a dorky statement. I just like OBEY and I think Shepard is the most exceptional artists todate. I make sure everywhere I go people are aware of OBEY. I have my shirt, cap, wallet, wristband, and pins on all the time. I wear nothing but OBEY t shirts and my girlfriend wears matching ones too. We always get thumbs up.

    Peace fingers

    and thumbs down to Roy

  35. Shepard, Shepard, Shepard, Shepard, Shepard, Shepard, Shepard, Shepard, Shepard,,,

  36. Poor Mitch….

  37. Kevin Sutton (real or otherwise), whether or not you’re actually as dumb as your posts indicate, I do not care. All I know is that if you don’t chill the fuck out, I will delete every comment you post.

  38. I don’t even care what y’all are talking about anymore, this is funny like Jerry Springer is funny. Keep the laughs coming!

    fingers down, thumbs up!

  39. Hey Admin,
    What am I doing so wrong? It seems everybody here talks trash and puts a very worthy artist down and I have a little fun and get threats of getting shut out. I am not dumb nor stupid for that matter. So I blew my cover last week and get yelled at for it. What is your fav product? If somebody told you “hey I have some preview pair of nikes that hit the shelves in two weeks do you want a pair?” You would jump on that opportunity in a second. That is what I am doing. It just so happens that I get my prints a little bit earlier. So what. I just love OBEY and Shepard is a really great guy. People are dying in the war, babies are starving, healthcare is a joke and our economy is going down the flusher and all you worry about is some harmless posts that I put. Where is the freedom of speech at? Everything Shepard stands for seems you are against it. I am just happy to get my prints. I know they are very hard to come by and Jason told me on numerous times the guys at Studio 1 are working on it. I don’t want to be deleted. I love the website and I love having fun but if that means getting threats every other day then maybe I wont comment no more. It is a sad day in america when somebody having fun gets under the skin of all these tough guys here. Next time you turn on the tube and hear of some person getting killed or some kid missing focus on that and don’t worry about me. I guess I will be silent now.

    peace fingers

  40. Kevin has left this building……

    Hey Shepard, Amanda, Jason and Kyle I am sorry if I caused you any anguish. I did not mean to stomp on any toes.

  41. >>Kevin has left this building……

    If only I could believe this. The problem with attention whores is that they can’t get enough of it. :(

  42. Kevin Sutton = pjtaper?

  43. Good riddance.

  44. doesn’t this dude even realize that he’s already been called out as a troll by Jason Filipow himself?

  45. Who wants to place bets on how long it takes before he turns into Shepard’s Mark David Chapman?

  46. “I make sure everywhere I go people are aware of OBEY. I have my shirt, cap, wallet, wristband, and pins on all the time. I wear nothing but OBEY t shirts and my girlfriend wears matching ones too.”

    eeeewww…Sutton is THAT guy.

  47. First Off it is not Jason Filipow who is giving me prints. We just use “Jason” as a code word. I don’t want him in trouble. It is somebody else who is helping me out

    Ohh Krista let me make one thing clear

    T shirts, Hats, Pins, Wallets, Wristbands, Watches, Scarfs made from OBEY. It is called marketing and if they make it then I will buy it. This is insane. Why is everybody so anxious..Mark David Chapman? Far from him. My girlfriend and I are looking at this and having a good laugh. Why don’t you people calm down.

    Hey Roy relax buddy. It’s just screenprints.

  48. seriously dude? go find somewhere else to bust people’s balls. you’re not wanted around here.

  49. Here is my Thank You list…Jhonny, Max, Peter, Swifty, Don, Kyle, Stephanie, Edward, Carlos, Chrissy, Brian, Frankie, Metty, Justin, My beautiful and wonderful girlfriend Ashley…”You are the most beautiful girlfriend in the world and I would be lost without you.” and Don ” Thank You for not paying me with pay pal all the time and sending me well hidden cash”..”Chrissy you are a big part of what I am doing by getting back door prints and selling them in the down low flipper market”.

    All you guys have made my side business very successful and I know you spent your well earned money the last couple of months just buying prints. I have brought christmas early for each and everyone of you. Until I get a call from Shepard himself I will not stop getting them before the public.

    Anyways are we still going to have our party at Yard House this Thurs? We are going to have a great time.

    Thank You guys…This year is going to be another nice one. I love the print market.

    OBEY I will give you guys a rest…I have now just got some info on NAFI prints.

  50. NAFI is the next BANKSY
    NAFI is the next BANKSY
    NAFI is the next BANKSY
    NAFI is the next BANKSY

    NAFI low number prints =$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I may get two this week


  51. Hey Jeremy,
    I will leave OBEY alone now. Maybe you want Shepard for yourself. Its ok.I just came upon NAFI. I am going to get some prints this week.

    Can we be friends? You are welcomed to join us at the Yardhouse In Pasadena this Thurs night. Maybe I will bring you a print too.

    Just be calm and have a nice day. Get a hug from your wife(thats if you are married) or girlfriend, family or friend. It seems you have to much angst. We can talk and be friends ok?

    peace fingers for the last time……………………………….

  52. Admin, do us all a favor and ban this dipshit.

  53. Kevin Sutton, you’re trying to play some sort of a character on here but you don’t have the sense of humor to pull it off.

  54. Wow.

  55. re: peace fingers for the last time………

    thank god.

    i do feel bad for the real kevin sutton.. i bet he could at least spell my handle right: je®emy

  56. I get all my prints before they are even PRINTED.

  57. I have begun deleting every new “Kevin Sutton” comment, as he is just becoming desperate for attention. I will leave the old ones in tact, in order to preserve the comedy of the situation.

  58. Dear Kevin Sutton,

    Why keep trying to post comments under new names? They just get deleted before they even show up. It’s called comment moderation.

  59. Back to the art now that the egos have left the building. Just wish some of the prints weren’t so hard to get on EST.

  60. Thank you Admin.

    He won’t be missed.

  61. Dear jebus! The $hit I had to go through to see if there was anything related to this week’s print here!

    I guess I’ll just try my luck at this week’s print. Just hope the new “random” release deal works in my favour.

    Thank bloody god you banned that imbecile!

  62. it’s up already!

  63. i’d agree with the color complaints if this wasn’t an election year, a presidential hopeful, and political campaign. but since it is, i think the red white and blue works wonderfully.

    just got one.

  64. Dam.. SOLD OUT

  65. Blah, that was early.

  66. They really don’t have the brightest people working over there do they. Hey lets put an Obama print up at the time when the least amount of Americans can buy it. Brilliant!

  67. Oh that’s just fantastic! F*cking SOLD OUT! I sure hope I don’t see a rash of them on eBay!

  68. Don’t hope tooooooo hard… Might just lead to the whole “You can sh*t in one hand and wish in the other…” thing…

  69. for those who missed out earlier, it’s back up

  70. It says SOLD OUT again! (Now that I’ve finally gotten the bloody page to load!)

    Toying with people’s emotions I see!

    Tell ya what, if it pops up again, buy one for me and I’ll PayPal you the money?

  71. WTF mate. Random times and random amounts= no prints for the shlub who sleeps.

  72. or works

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