Next Week’s Obey Print: Vote!

How about this for some early information?  Next week’s Obey print will be this lovely, old school number, “Vote!”.  It is 24″ x 36″, will have an edition of 350, and will cost $50.  Also, word is that the release will come at a random time, no more Tuesdays at noon PST.  Things are getting hectic over there.  I’ll give you info as I receive it.  Until then, enjoy the image.

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  1. If you have not registered to vote, or are not sure if you’re registered, check out


  2. Dearest Autodactyl,

    I don’t support any party, any leading candidate, but I like how you accuse me of blinding myself with partisanship, when it is you yourself who is clearly as blind as can be.

    October 29, 2007:
    “Among all the candidates in both political parties, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, is the No. 2 recipient of donations from the health care industry, having raised about $2.2 million, according to campaign finance records.”




  4. It’s because he doesn’t know, jiko.

  5. Good call Mitch. Thanks for the great site man

  6. Hey Jiko…The reason why I can’t answer that is because I blew my cover last week. My big mouth got me into a little trouble. Read the bomber message board last week and I give the clue. Sorry no more inside info. peace

  7. Kevin Sutton…I love Sheps work too but I don’t know how you can call Mear’s live painting a joke. I’ve stood there and watched the guy work, his shit is amazing.

  8. I respectfully disagree. For some reason I am not feeling his work.

  9. Kevin Sutton,

    Does commenting here make you feel special? Do you think your ignorant comments are actually taken seriously? HA! Give me a fucking break. Let’s break it down here:

    “One more thing Mear One better step off Shepard’s feet. He is biting big time. His work is very off key. What a toy. I know some of his work is done by hand and he should stick to that. He is now playing with the big dogs like shepard.”

    – Off Key? What the fuck are you talking about. If you don’t like his work that’s fine, but calling him a toy and saying he’s now a ‘big dog’ like Shepard makes you look like the biggest fool on this site. Mear was bombing in LA before Shepard even went to art school. The guy is self taught and has a ridiculous amount of talent and creative vision. So what if he decides to make a simple 3 color print with a bold statement, he’s not the first but neither was Shepard.

    “I am filthy rich so I don’t care who is going to be our next president. It does not bother me a bit. War on the poor and middle class..ha ha ha.”

    – This comment alone should get you laughed off this site. Why would anybody take you seriously after reading that?

    “Yeah big dog with a big mouth..He was talking crap about OBEY GIANT and STUDIO 1 at a club once and I called him on it. He just walked away mid sentence…I guess his street cred wore off”

    – I’m calling bullshit on this one. I have met MEAR several times and I can guarantee that he would not walk away mid-argument. The man loves to debate and talk art. If he did walk away, it was probably because you were acting like a douche just the way you are here (and I suspect the rest of your day to day life).

    “I respectfully disagree. For some reason I am not feeling his work.”

    – Ahhhhh, So it all comes down to this. All this shit talking and calling out because “you don’t really feel it”. So you are calling out an LA legend because you don’t like his style. Well guess what, nobody care if you like it or not. Plenty of other people who have a much better grasp on ‘good art’ than you do actually do like and buy his work. This comment takes the cake, you are tool and have no idea what you are talking about. Please keep your mouth shut and your blatant shit talking based on your opinion to yourself. You will be doing us all a favor.

  10. made my day.. To take the time out of your day to reply to my postings really makes me feel all warm and gushy inside. Can we be friends?

    ha ha ha ha

  11. It is all good.

    peace fingers

  12. Everybody ready for today?….I am not

    peace fingers

  13. UP!

  14. I hate obey.

  15. Obey hates all the Obey snobs too, but will will willingly take all of your money as long as they keep shelling it out.

  16. Hey ron,
    Why do you hate us? explain

  17. wtf stupid kids, do you know you’re paying 50 bucks for basically a single clip art icon blown up.

  18. ^Exactly. How long does it take before people catch on to these bullsh*t glorified pieces of clipart?

    I mean, I like Shepard’s portraiture. You can tell he takes some time with that stuff, separating the values and adding textures or hatching to create a sense of depth. In those pieces (portraits), you can see the progress he’s made over the years.

    But when he just makes posters out of clipart he got from CSA Images, man, give me a fu*kin’ break.

    This image should show you guys who doubt how long it’s been going on. He copped this piece of clipart about 5 years ago for one of his more popular prints.

  19. I really love reading this thread every week. Keep up the hate.

  20. There are pieces of paper in this world worth tens of millions of dollars. Supply and demand my friends. I’ve got originals of progress and vote framed at in my house. I’m ok with buying Hope for $800 on Ebay just wish I would have gotten it on the obeygiant webite like the other two. If you can’t afford an original go and print the 24″ X 36″ images online. I made 10 of these for $100 from a printing website that I have posted in my friends windows.
    In Nov the value of the original prints will be:
    Progress #/350 $10,000
    Hope #/600 $8,000
    Vote #/350 $2,000
    Spent $900/ Projected Value $20K. Almost as good as I did with my YHOO stock investment 2 weeks ago week.

    Mama for Obama

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