Dare To Defy Art Print by Mear One (Early Link)

Baurmann Gallery is bringing another hot piece of street art by Mear One to the table, and we have a special early link for you. “Dare To Defy” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, signed/numbered in an edition of 80, and $65. If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of the Mear/Baurmann collaborations yet, do so, they are putting out some of the most amazing street-inspired work I’ve seen. Visit BaurmannGallery.com.

Click the image to see a bigger, non-jagged pic: 

Edit: At first I was told an edition of 100, but they decided to make it only 80. Super low run.

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  1. Mear has been doing politically charged wheat pasts, stickers and Graffiti for a long time now. No matter what you think of this print if you have never seen one of Mears political pieces up in L.A. your sure as hell not looking. Granted this is different from his other more known work (i.e. prints etc.), but Mear has been producing work of this nature in all mediums for years. He even worked with Shep on a few of his anti – Bush series. Peace all, lets support any artist that creates radical work!!

  2. Genedx,

    you are missing the point. it’s not the fact that he’s doing a politically charged piece, i’m all for that, it’s the fact that it’s a really poorly designed and executed piece. the clip art, colors and composition are all bad.

  3. People are entitled to their opinions…but like I said before, if you do not like it do not buy it. MEAR is not putting these out trying to make a “marketable” print to make quick money. This is supposed to be a powerful commentary on the big brother style intrusion that is starting to take over a lot of cities. Los Angeles and all of the cameras in the city are a great example [and what is one of the main inspirations behind this piece]. Cameras have been a prevalent theme in his work for years, since after the LA Riots MEAR started noticing more and more be put up. People always think about London in terms of camera systems, but Los Angeles is slowly adding more and more cameras…

    MEAR does not use clip art. He creates all of the images in illustrator himself. The design is simple because it was intended to be simple. The flag was intended to be big and bold, and the design was based on simple, road sign style graphics.


    In terms of the high school comment, you are talking about one of the graffiti legends, so pay some respect.

  4. Baurmann,

    Thats funny I didnt see the “road sign style graphics” correlation until you just said that.

  5. Look how much time is being spent arguing a defense. If you make something you truly believe in, you shouldn’t have to defend it. Aren’t we all in deeper than this?

  6. I respect the artist and his history, etc. but I agree that this print is just very poorly executed from a design standpoint.

    I think it’s too busy (if that’s the correct word) to accomplish the “simple” road sign style graphic that was described above, but not well enough detailed to be an interesting print if looked at from an artistic perspective.

    And you’re right, I don’t like it so I won’t buy it, but I think it’s still fair for people to express their opinions.

  7. I agree 100%, definitely post your opinions away…I love to hear feedback, whether it is good or bad.

    But to imply or express that MEAR has ripped anyone off or uses clip art is something [if time permits] I will respond to…

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