Burlesque Mystery Scratch n Dent Sale

Burlesque Design is having a mystery scratch and dent poster sale, so roll the dice.  For a mere $15 shipped, you get a tube with 2 scratch/dent posters, plus some extras.  Visit BurlesqueDesign.com.

9 Responses to “Burlesque Mystery Scratch n Dent Sale”

  1. you really can’t go wring here!!!

  2. Sweet! It’s like a woot.com bag of crap, except with things I want!

  3. how can you not do it at that price. Why not.

  4. had to get this; love surprises.

  5. werd!

  6. More printhouses need to do this! Love it. At $15 you can’t go wrong no matter how hard you try.

  7. yea, but do you think we could get a horkey?

  8. i got a horkey; the brown hope con poster. i can’t find anything wrong with it either!

  9. I got a sweet converge poster and a “meh” bonnaroo 2006 poster.

    Anyone elso get anything good?

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