This Week’s Obey Print: Peace Bomber

Obey Giant will release 3 separate version of this week’s print, Peace Bomber.  As usual, Obey prints come out on Tuesdays at noon PST.  Get in a positive headspace and visit

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  1. ha. that looks like a joke. considering the quality of art that shep and his crew have put together over the years, i feel that this is total garbage. just thought i’d vent my disappointment. i know he can do much more interesting and wonderful stuff.

  2. I’d like it without all that halftone/dot pattern. Seems weird.

  3. still guaranteed to sell out.

  4. the 2 color print is definitely the better one. I don’t mind this print, but I’m not going to try for it. I think this is a nice icon that could possibly be used again.

  5. hmmm, there were actually going to be 4 color ways including an all red version, i wonder what happened

  6. profit for peace? what a shame

  7. *yawn*

  8. As usual, Kid stuff

  9. Hey Todd, Why are you hating on Shep. OBEY GIANT are too clever than the average say Mark Ryden print. Shepard Fairey is a true print master. I say everyprint that comes out is way better than all the artists OMG posters announces combined. Long Live OBEY. Hey Shep, We support you….

  10. Again, I don’t know which is more tired, the prints or the comments on the prints. Which is it?!?

  11. I agree, your comments are tired.

  12. Give peace a chance….

  13. I think it’s an excellent revival of the classic War and Peace theme found in many great works of art. I also really appreciate the classical touch he has added to the background, which makes it both a visual and political work of genius.

    I encourage everyone to lust after this print, so I may flip it.

    *puffs on old wooden pipe*


  15. Aww, for f***s sake beefloaf. Why do you come here? I really can’t tell if if you’re being ironic now, or if you really are this F***ing stupid!

  16. Zma, all signs point to sarcasm….. 😉

    lighten up.

  17. sorry, i’ve just had to read those damn capslock posts for god know how long now, and it got to me . . .

  18. No, all signs point to Zma being a tool.

  19. Nu’uh, you’re a tool!

    Yeah, told you, Tool.

    Damn I’m good.

  20. boring once agian

  21. Hey everyone, look at me hate on a popular artist!

  22. “Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love. I don’t even want none of the above. I want to piss on you!”

  23. Got mine red/black #26 boooyyyaaaaaa

    Ok bring on the haterz

  24. ^Liar! I’m in the prints section now and they haven’t even been listed yet.


  26. Someone wake me up when he puts out something good please.

  27. Hey Roy…Duh Jason has the hook up for me.

    Think before you open your mouth

  28. Chill out Roy, I hate policing comments, do don’t make me do it.

  29. Well it was a pretty dick move for Kevin to rub in the fact he has a hook-up while everyone else has to put up with one of the worst Obey releases to date. Three hours in, I’m hitting refresh like very fifteen minutes now . . .
    “Sorry, the product was not found.”

  30. Hey Zima,
    Why are you hating? OBEY GIANT. The best

  31. Maybe because it took me almost seven hours to get two of the prints?
    It’s cool you got a hook-up, but please, shut up. It just rubs salt in the wound when us normal people have to listen to you while looking at those error screens for hours on end.

  32. Wow – I think Shepard is an easy target, way to easy – Its the classic case of lets build him up and then knock him down.

    There are a couple of pints you have missed

    1/ He still sells them at $35 a print
    2/ He only sells 300 a run

    I like that – I like the way he has shown restraint. I think by now I would have cashed in if I were him, so in some way I totally respect that.

    Like it or not, he hasn’t totally cashed in and does not really deserve us putting him down, as we put him up there.

  33. Did anyone buy one as I waited for ages and got through and none were listed ?
    Anyone ?

  34. $35 a print multiply by 300 = $10,500
    multiply that by 52 weeks in a year = $546,000
    i call that cashing in………..

  35. Then you don’t earn much do you.

  36. Hey Dj..Please don’t hate.So what if Shepard has some money. He gives so much back to the community. What are you doing? Thats what I thought wanna be playa.


    All the haterz please stop your crying..

    where are your prints?

  37. Look man, I won’t argue with you about Shepard’s contributions to worthy causes. Everybody knows that he gives a lot back. It’s common knowledge.

    But asking DJ “what are you doing?” is flat out retarded. Because what he’s doing is contributing to the same causes that Shepard is by buying his prints.

    Your argument would make sense if Shep was simply handing over large sums of cash without the aid of his patrons. But the fact of the matter is that Shep couldn’t contribute to these worthy causes without people investing in his artwork. Therefore your previous statement has no relevance.

    On to my next point. The fact that you are able to go over everybody’s head and get your prints directly from Obey via Jason (Filipow I’m guessing) makes everyone here hate you that much more, and furthermore not respect the business practices of Obey.

    Not that it will effect the sales of Shep’s prints or anything like that, but how am I to respect what is deemed an equal opportunity of print acquisition when people like you can simple jack-off an inside job without having to put up with the BS that every other serious collector has to? Riddle me that with something other than “quit hating.”

    It’s like this. You can be an Obey fan all day long, and that’s fine. But simply stating that you’re above it all due to your connections doesn’t sit well with me at all. And it makes me lose faith in the Obey organization. Especially when you reveal your privileged advantages so callously.

    Also, taunting and name calling (i.e. wanna be playa; where are your prints?) makes you look like that much more of an ef’n douchebag. If you want to make a valid point, then you should really reconsider ending it with an insult, ya pansy.

    ^did anyone else see what I did here? 😉

    Finally, I apologize to admin for my less than politically correct comment earlier. You provide an invaluable service to us all, and it’s not something that I take for granted. So, sorry for that. You know I always got love for OMG.

  38. What is this all about?


  39. so i apparently don’t earn much, and i am also not doing anything? what an interesting concept to attempt to call me out on something that you clearly don’t have a clue about. I always appreciate constructive feedback, the reason there is a comments section is to generate discussion, but don’t expect all of the comments to be positive, people have a right to their opinion.

  40. Obey could send out a weekly newsletter informing people of releases, or they could even post details about upcoming sales on their homepage. After yesterdays little cluster f@$* they should really be sending out a formal apology to their mailing list, explaining the situation and providing information about a rescheduled sale. What is the likelihood that they will do any of the above? Although I enjoy Shepard’s art, Obey sucks on so many levels. The entire situation is arrogant and disgraceful imo

  41. Rescheduled sale?

    What about the buyers who purchased prints? They all get refunded? After so much effort, wasted time, etc. Yeah, no.


  42. Hey ricky e.l.a…what ever happened to SAAS crew. Were they behind hacking the site yesturday. I bet they were…I know many of you got screwed and spent so much time trying to get these. I will sell mine for $500.00 .

    F*&k the SAAS crew.

    street artists against shepard is so elementary…

  43. I can understand people getting refunded for attempting to circumvent the system. No offense intended, but It is a little ridiculous that people actually thought that they were going to be allowed to order the prints by going through a loophole like that. What I cannot understand is why there was no announcement sent out regarding the status of the sale. A simple message sent out to the Obey mailing list could have saved a lot of people a lot of time and frustration. I am extremely disappointed with Shep for allowing something like this to transpire.

  44. Message From OBEY:
    Here is your refund for the PEACE BOMBER screenprint. Your print was
    not purchased within the appropriate channels provided by is restricting your purchase and future purchase of the
    PEACE BOMBER print(s) for these actions.

    Sherp is such a fuck-tard.

  45. He is being given poor information on how to handle the situation.

  46. Have they set a new date and time for the release yet?

  47. Nevermind. Figured it out.

  48. yeah… the print will be released next tues. at 1 am.

  49. I think Kevin has the hook up within OBEY. It seems that he worships Shepard. Maybe he does have a print for sale..but $500.00 ? Damn they are not that good. Kind of childish. I think Shepard is trying to compete with Banksy and Beejoir. I know Beejoir prints were for $70.00 and within days they were on ebay and expressobeans for $5000 and up. That is the best investment off all time.

  50. “yeah… the print will be released next tues. at 1 am.”

    Actually 1 pm next tues. ;D)

    Glad we’re on the same page, ya dig.

  51. I read that it was Thursday the 17th at a random time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm

    I am glad to see that Obey is at least attempting some level of damage control on this situation

  52. it’s up….or not…depending on your point of view…

  53. Hey DJ
    Sorry for my stupid comment – very childlike of me.

  54. For those of you (from and elsewhere, I am absolutely NOT involved in any way with the administrators of this site ( and I am NOT involved in any way with any ‘backdoor bro deals’ with said admins. I do not handle any sales, ordering, handling or shipping of ANY prints sold via I hope this statement sets the record, at the least, a little straighter.

  55. Jason, for the record, it wasn’t any admin that said they were getting hookups. I am the only admin here, and it was some Kevin Sutton character. He is in no way affiliated with the site, just posts here.

  56. All I know is this is the Internet. People can say whatever, but Jason is putting out his statement behind his name, not some blank anonymous poster bragging about something that cannot be confirmed. I honestly thank Jason for what he always contributes to the Obey community in general, and hope him commenting puts any of the speculation to rest. The fact that the owner [and only admin] of the site commented too, should pretty much clarify any misconceptions…

    Also, I am sure Jason is too busy in his garage studio creating his own new masterpieces than to have time to even do something like that…LOL


  58. OMG!!! My boyfriend just got me this print and its like the greatest gift ever, I am so excited to be receiving it. I love how the image presents the dual nature of peace, sort of bastardizing it, very ironic whether it was or was not the intention.

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