This Week’s Obey Print: Peace Bomber

Obey Giant will release 3 separate version of this week’s print, Peace Bomber.  As usual, Obey prints come out on Tuesdays at noon PST.  Get in a positive headspace and visit

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  1. Rescheduled sale?

    What about the buyers who purchased prints? They all get refunded? After so much effort, wasted time, etc. Yeah, no.


  2. Hey ricky e.l.a…what ever happened to SAAS crew. Were they behind hacking the site yesturday. I bet they were…I know many of you got screwed and spent so much time trying to get these. I will sell mine for $500.00 .

    F*&k the SAAS crew.

    street artists against shepard is so elementary…

  3. I can understand people getting refunded for attempting to circumvent the system. No offense intended, but It is a little ridiculous that people actually thought that they were going to be allowed to order the prints by going through a loophole like that. What I cannot understand is why there was no announcement sent out regarding the status of the sale. A simple message sent out to the Obey mailing list could have saved a lot of people a lot of time and frustration. I am extremely disappointed with Shep for allowing something like this to transpire.

  4. Message From OBEY:
    Here is your refund for the PEACE BOMBER screenprint. Your print was
    not purchased within the appropriate channels provided by is restricting your purchase and future purchase of the
    PEACE BOMBER print(s) for these actions.

    Sherp is such a fuck-tard.

  5. He is being given poor information on how to handle the situation.

  6. Have they set a new date and time for the release yet?

  7. Nevermind. Figured it out.

  8. yeah… the print will be released next tues. at 1 am.

  9. I think Kevin has the hook up within OBEY. It seems that he worships Shepard. Maybe he does have a print for sale..but $500.00 ? Damn they are not that good. Kind of childish. I think Shepard is trying to compete with Banksy and Beejoir. I know Beejoir prints were for $70.00 and within days they were on ebay and expressobeans for $5000 and up. That is the best investment off all time.

  10. “yeah… the print will be released next tues. at 1 am.”

    Actually 1 pm next tues. ;D)

    Glad we’re on the same page, ya dig.

  11. I read that it was Thursday the 17th at a random time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm

    I am glad to see that Obey is at least attempting some level of damage control on this situation

  12. it’s up….or not…depending on your point of view…

  13. Hey DJ
    Sorry for my stupid comment – very childlike of me.

  14. For those of you (from and elsewhere, I am absolutely NOT involved in any way with the administrators of this site ( and I am NOT involved in any way with any ‘backdoor bro deals’ with said admins. I do not handle any sales, ordering, handling or shipping of ANY prints sold via I hope this statement sets the record, at the least, a little straighter.

  15. Jason, for the record, it wasn’t any admin that said they were getting hookups. I am the only admin here, and it was some Kevin Sutton character. He is in no way affiliated with the site, just posts here.

  16. All I know is this is the Internet. People can say whatever, but Jason is putting out his statement behind his name, not some blank anonymous poster bragging about something that cannot be confirmed. I honestly thank Jason for what he always contributes to the Obey community in general, and hope him commenting puts any of the speculation to rest. The fact that the owner [and only admin] of the site commented too, should pretty much clarify any misconceptions…

    Also, I am sure Jason is too busy in his garage studio creating his own new masterpieces than to have time to even do something like that…LOL


  18. OMG!!! My boyfriend just got me this print and its like the greatest gift ever, I am so excited to be receiving it. I love how the image presents the dual nature of peace, sort of bastardizing it, very ironic whether it was or was not the intention.

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