New David Choe Print Coming Tomorrow : “Falling for Grace”

A brand new art print by the ever-rising talent David Choe will come out sometime tomorrow.  Falling for Grace is a 24″ x 24″ giclee, has an edition of 250, and will cost $500.  To purchase, get your refresh button ready and camp out tomorrow on

8 Responses to “New David Choe Print Coming Tomorrow : “Falling for Grace””


  2. Naked FAT chicks for Beeloaf!

  3. This is just bad. I’m sorry. This is art school reject stuff. Its just poorly executed and everything about it is just awful. D-

  4. Agree wholeheartedly. Cannot believe people pay that much for this guy’s “art”. Nothing special….Choe’s bio makes him sound like a real genius. Keep on supporting this guy or he’ll rob your house. Nice, and I think this is supposed to be socially conscious art. Not even clever! Just misogynistic. Glad people keep buying this stuff!

  5. that’s some high priced camel toe…

  6. I’d buy it.

  7. David Choes work isn’t for everyone. People that look down on it prefer their art to be a little more predictable and “pretty”. I for one dig on his loose style and eclectic color application.

    I have a signed edition of “Girl Fight” in my living room and I get compliments on it all the time. It’s inspired some to get their own Choe artwork.

    And “art school reject stuff”? You couldn’t have picked a more tired denunciation to use.

  8. Love it.

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