Smokin’ Joe Dzhugashvili Stalin Bust by Frank Kozik (Black Version)

The brand new Joe Stalin / Joe DiMaggio bust by Frank Kozik is now up for preorder at  There are a couple of other colorways out there, but the black is extra sinister.  It is 14″ of rotocast vinyl, and it has a tiny edition of only 50.  This is an exclusive edition, so you won’t be finding it anywhere else.  The price is $200.  Visit

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  2. Will this be signed?

  3. Signed? Nope.

  4. i bought one anyways because i missed out on all of the other colorways. I think the Mao was fantastic and was checking prices on EBAY. All of the listings stated that the piece was signed, but i now realize the seller must be Kozik or an acquaintance because the sellers name is “signedbykozik”.

  5. I want one of these, but will my guests think that I am a communist?

  6. I got the Mao lime green one from Juxtapoz and it is signed “Kozik” on the back

  7. Yeah, this time I believe only the bronze ones were signed. Those ones were sold through Kozik and went to Kozik subbers.

  8. more like Joe Camel Stalin.

    smoking is bad um k

  9. Why ???

  10. Kozik is my hero.


  11. I picked up an the army green version that was exclusive to the Uberbot here in Orlando. It wasn’t signed but it looks great in the middle of my dining room table!

  12. Why would someone want a bust of Joseph Stalin in their house? If he made a Hitler bust, would you buy that too?

  13. I wish he had mickey ears too.

  14. Mayhap that’s part of the funny-ha-ha Stalin is rarely seen as the “root of all evil” but Histler is on every 10 minutes on the History Channel and is being described as Satan incarnate or some such nonsense. Try to not be a simpletonian.

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