Two New Dondi White Prints (Onsale Info)

Baurmann Gallery (who released those two awesome Mear One prints) is set to release two amazing prints by the legendary late Dondi White.  “D5” and “Rain Proof Dance” are each 15″ x 19″ screenprints on cotton rag paper, chopped and numbered in an edition of 100.  What makes these unique is the use of a graphite layer for the penciling on the prints, making them look impressively close to the original collage artwork.  The price on each will be $175 for the presale period, increasing to $250 if there are any left after December 27 at 1pm PST.  The presale will begin Wednesday, December 19 at at 1pm PST.  Here are the respective links for D5 and Rain Proof Dance.

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  1. the more i look at these, the more i may find myself spending MORE money that i shouldn’t…

  2. That second one is actually called “Rain Proof Parade” and these are really cool.

  3. i agree with jeremy on this.

  4. Are these signed?

  5. “Are these signed?”

    +1…I am not sure either but seems highly unlikely that it would be a physical signature but I think they have added the signature through other ways through the estate…anyone know?

  6. The print is chopped (embossed) and then his signature is printed in graphite. Alot more effort than most posthumous editions go through.

  7. The original editions were actually signed and we basically replicated the original “Subway Blueprint Collage” drawings as close as possible. The signature was exactly how it appeared on the original work that it was based on. If there are any other questions, please let me know for sure.

    I will post a link to a picture on here shortly…

  8. Here is the original to D5:

  9. Here is the original to “Rain Proof Dance”:

  10. “Rain Proof Parade” is definitely one of the titles of the 2nd print…it is sometimes referred to as “Style Mutant Gothic” as well…I have also heard it referred to as “Rain Proof Dance” so hence that title too. I have videos I will hopefully be posting soon with Dondi discussing the titling of his pieces.

  11. Here is the direct purchase link a few minutes early…

  12. What’s the significance of ‘D5’? Love the print so want to know more about it.

  13. finally something I can post in my office that actually has some sort of reference to engineering/drafting!

  14. Just curious, but does Baumann Gallery own the copyright to these pieces? And if so, do the proceeds (partial or whole) go to Dondi’s family or some sort of charity established in his name?

    Not trying to step on anyones toes here. But with the way artwork ownership is attributed these days, I feel reluctant to invest in reproductions of pieces by deceased artists without knowing how the money will be allocated.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong. The prints look great and were obviously produced with quality in mind. But I’d like to see a disclaimer that states who the beneficiaries are specifically.

  15. According to the link, the print is only published by the Baurmann Gallery, the copyright would almost certainly be retained by the Dondi White estate.

    As for where the funds actually go, I’d imagine it’s the same place that the funds go for virtually all gallery releases. 50% to the gallery and 50% to the artist, in this case the owner of the artist’s publishing rights.

    As to the exact beneficiaries, it’s likely to be his family (it mentions that these were printed in corroboration with his brother Michael White), but does it really matter? Do you think the same thing when listening to music by the Beatles or Elvis? I doubt it.

  16. Considering it has the official Dondi White estate chop, I’d assume it was published in conjunction with the estate.

  17. It seems my question is still awaiting moderation……..?

    I’ll ask again…..What’s the significance of ‘D5′? Love the print so want to know more about it.

  18. Roy,

    This print was done in close coordination with the Family. If you are curious, I do have a very close relationship w/ his brother and I have been doing all I can to preserve his memory in the most respectful way.

    For example, I have an amazing screen printer in Los Angeles I could have easily used [who I love working with], but since Dondi is no longer with us, I did not think that was the best way to produce these editions. CRASH was extremely nice and connected us to his screen printer who does all of his editions, and also printed the original 15 years above ground series that featured one of Dondi’s “Subway Blueprint Drawings”. Dondi worked with this printer and CRASH on these editions when he was alive, so I wanted to emulate those as closely as possible. Michael White advised on this project continuously and worked with the printer along every step of the way. CRIME79 who was friends w/ Dondi also was an essential part to this project. He has been working with Mike and the printer from the start of the project as well. CRIME79 will actually be the one numbering each print.

    In terms of the exact financial arrangements, out of respect I would not like to go into specific details, as it is a private business matter between the family and myself. I can definitely say that they are VERY well taken care of though and respect is always paid to the family. I own the rights to publish these images in addition to additional images from his Blueprint Collage Series, but the family is definitely a beneficiary of it. Also, once sold out, 15 prints of each edition are being held back to be sold for “God’s Love We Deliver” for $500 each through the Dondi White Foundation, with 100% of those proceeds go directly to that charity. With all Dondi prints, money will always go to “God’s Love We Deliver” in his name. I am definitely a beneficiary as well, but I can certainly say I have put a substantial investment into Dondi in terms of time and money of the years that will only continue. Dondi is one of the most influential graffiti artists in my opinion and a true legend, and it is an honor for me to produce anything in conjunction with the estate.

  19. Dude,

    Glad you love the print! If you look at the 5 on a five-dollar bill, you will his direct inspiration for the 5. I still need to get more information directly from his brother, but to expand further, some of the significance of the D5 also relates to his family. He had 4 bothers making 5 sons, which was the basis for his 5 sons of Lucia piece and likely influenced this one too. I will ask his brother for any additional information, which could provide more details though.

    Overall, these prints have been in the works for some time. The print will come with a signed letter of provenance from the printer, Michael White, and myself as well. Each silkscreen will come in a hand screen-printed cardboard folder [with a tag and a picture of Dondi White].

    Below is a video of Dondi discussing the prints and his painting in general [taken from the home movies where Zephyr was interviewing Dondi for “the Style Master General” book].

    Also, some additional info on why Dondi wrote what he did on the Subways…many of the names and letters written deal with the character style of the letter, versus the meaning of the word. He often chose words that contained certain letters in order to execute a certain style piece was wanted to do.

    Please let me know if there are any questions…

  20. I also spoke to his brother to confirm the details:

    The 5 was taken from the older style five dollar bill [that used to have the scroll type design]. Dondi was going towards a currency theme with a lot of his artwork in the final years. Each time that a 5 is used in his work, is it because Dondi was the 5th born son and the youngest. That is the significance of whenever he used the five, but it was also blended with a currency theme in this particular piece.

    The D is for Dondi, but as you can see, there is also an A next to the D [making it D and subtly AD]. AD was referenced and used in numerous pieces throughout the years. It is in reference to “Anno Domini”. The canvas behind him in the video above is one of his best examples of the AD, but I am extremely biased in that one 😉

    Please let me know if there are any other questions.

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