Two New Dondi White Prints (Onsale Info)

Baurmann Gallery (who released those two awesome Mear One prints) is set to release two amazing prints by the legendary late Dondi White.  “D5” and “Rain Proof Dance” are each 15″ x 19″ screenprints on cotton rag paper, chopped and numbered in an edition of 100.  What makes these unique is the use of a graphite layer for the penciling on the prints, making them look impressively close to the original collage artwork.  The price on each will be $175 for the presale period, increasing to $250 if there are any left after December 27 at 1pm PST.  The presale will begin Wednesday, December 19 at at 1pm PST.  Here are the respective links for D5 and Rain Proof Dance.

23 Responses to “Two New Dondi White Prints (Onsale Info)”

  1. Have they shipped yet?

    I haven’t received my print and the website says they were going out early January. I am not getting responses to email inquiries and now I am a bit worried.

    Has anyone else received theirs?

  2. As far as I have heard, the printed envelopes took a little longer than expected. I believe they will be shipping soon.

  3. I wanted to let you know they are not prints on rag but rather a collage with drafting document sheets and cut outs of added drawings he had done. its a shame people can say anything about something. especially when they were not there. sorry for the attack but he was a dear friend and mentor….

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