New Evan Hecox Art Print: “Mexico City”

If you are like me, you have been looking to grab an Evan Hecox print at regular price for what seems like an eternity.  Well dude, your day has come.  Mexico City is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, signed/numbered in an edition of 100.  The price is $95.  Visit

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  1. I’ve been waiting too! Viva Mexico. This print looks great. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in person.

  2. You can still get one of the “Trees Print”s there too, no?

    Or do you mean you’ve been waiting an eternity for a *new* print at regular price…?

  3. True. But i think his cityscapes are far more interesting than Tree’s

  4. Trees is a pretty sweet print. Granted, yes, his cityscapes are pretty impressive, the trees print does the job as well, and has a pretty cool “to be seen, but not understood” message on it. I guess you could say I like mine. And yes, as soon as I get minute to breathe here at work, I’ll be picking one of these up.

  5. Better get on it if you guys want one…the Banksy and OG forums both have been slanging these.

  6. man…somebody got hot. they’re gone. to hell with having a real job. congrats on those who didn’t get caught slipping like me.

  7. Fuck.Got up to grab the plastic,came back and its gone.Anywhere else to grab one?

  8. already a 2nd edition coming $oon

  9. 2nd edition?! well that’s nice of them… and kind of screws everyone else that bough the 1st no??

  10. Anyone know any more details on the 2nd edition? Same size, image, diptych? Slept on edition one…. =(


  12. Second edition is up bitches…get the set and have a hot pair of prints!

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