New Derek Hess Art Prints

Derek Hess has decided to reprint two of his most popular prints, “Hemorrhage” and “Valentine”, as offsets. If you’ve never seen Derek’s offset art prints before, they are really nice, printed on high quality, non-glossy paper. Both of these have editions of 300, and the price on each is $50. To purchase, visit

6 Responses to “New Derek Hess Art Prints”

  1. When will self important artists learn that no one wants the title of the piece on the bottom of the print?

  2. Love Derek Hess’ work.
    Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing work such as this, with the refined palette, as screen prints.

  3. It’s good that people who missed these the first time can get a cheaper copy, but not a fan of offsets – cheap copies just don’t get it done for me.

  4. @ marty… hmmm… i kind of like when the title is at the bottom!

  5. whoops.. i meant “@ little orphan funkhouser”

  6. So I now understand the “litho” thing with his painted pieces, but is just pure cash grab.

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