New Jermaine Rogers Art Prints (Onsale Info)

Jermaine is set to release three new art prints, so tomorrow should be a big day.  All of these will go fast, be on top of your game.  The onsale time for all of these is tomorrow (Thursday, November 29) at 2pm Mountain Time.  Visit

“Autumn” (First print in a series of four)

31″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 40, $75:

Dawn of Dissent (Screnprint Edition)

24″ x 17″, Edition of 40, Only $30:

Dawn of Dissent (Giclee Edition)

23″ x 17″, Edition of 10,  $100:

9 Responses to “New Jermaine Rogers Art Prints (Onsale Info)”

  1. Is Mountain Time different from PST?

  2. Yeah, one hour later.

  3. whoa… one hour earlier…right?

  4. It’s one hour later than pacific. Pacific is the earliest. WTF?

  5. Oh shit, unless you are on the west coast. Alright, let’s not talk about time zones anymore, just do your research.

  6. sorry…I’m on the east coast…i’ll shut up now…

  7. What is this all about?


  8. wow…they got their s41t together…site was crashing again just like last time, when all of a sudden, smooth sailing. “Autumn sold out in 5 minutes.


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