Tyler Stout’s Alamo Drafthouse Poster Redux

Last year, Tyler Stout threw down one of the most amazing movie-related posters I’ve ever seen.  It sold out quickly through Mondotees, yadda yadda.  When the Alamo Drafthouse moved to their new location, they asked Tyler to spice it up a bit for a new edition.  He added over 30 new figures into the scene.  If you don’t have the first edition, do yourself a favor and grab this.  Yes, those are all hand-drawn movie characters.  Yes, it rules.  It is 24″ x 36″ and printed with metallic inks.  The price is only $30.  Visit Mondotees.com.

(Click to see bigger)

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  1. Did he have to get permission or the rights to use all those characters? Just curius, I love the Tron guy, makes me want to watch the movie again lol.

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