The Obey Giant “Kiss Me Deadly” Discussion Post

Well, even though I screwed up and forgot about today’s Obey print release, let’s talk about it anyway.  Do you like this one?  Did you pick one up?  Thoughts?  Comments?

17 Responses to “The Obey Giant “Kiss Me Deadly” Discussion Post”

  1. Buying those was an hour long journey to hell and back

    Damn Shepard’s weekly prints and their rapidly increasing popularity

  2. Liked this run and picked up both. It’s a huge pain to grab these prints, but worth the effort.

  3. barf

  4. The pattern in the bottom one is a little much. But it’s nice to see something more original this go around. Hopefully this trend will last.

  5. got a pattern
    I don’t know if that is the best.. or I just like what I don’t have!

  6. In for a set!

  7. i tried and failed, what a mess, theres definately an increase in interest probably from europe. with the exchange rate as it is at the moment $35 for a print is good value. when you think that a packet of cigarettes are nearly $10 in the uk , petrol is $2 a litre , the monthly mortgage for my small two bed house in brighton is $2400 a month, a pint of beer at my local pub is $6 , $35 for a piece of art even with the $32 dollars or whatever it is postage is great value. with the show in london,all the media coverage in uk press, i think obey prints are gonna get very hard to come by.

  8. Got em, love em – What a pain in the butt – it was 45 mins of hell and reload and refresh

    His prices are rising fast with the recent Banksy sale, oh we so hope he can be a Banksy !

    I like this run, I feel his last run was a seemed like a cash run. There were some real duds.

    Sorry if this offends integrity but is he “improving”?

    Ebay has been his savior and his devil.
    It has helped his prices as people buy and sell – But now it’s his devil for sure.

    The Led Zep sold recently for $35, well they are on for $1000 bucks now, he will loose the street art, skate, bill board style and be bought by middle aged yuppies like me who have never set foot on a skateboard but can see an investment.

    Well done for keeping it at $35 – I bow to that, it needs recognition – I also bow to these prints, very very bold and you have to be uber confident to be so bold. I wish him luck as street art concept Vs the commercial machine seems a difficult path to tread.

  9. I hope it doesn’t get any easier. I love the adrenaline rush. It keeps me going the rest of the day at work.

  10. I BOUGHT BOTH !!!

  11. This is one of my least favorites in a long time. For some reason it just looks boring and rushed. The “Kiss Me Deadly” with the bullet lipstick doesn’t make much of an impact. I know it’s supposed to be political in some fashion, but meh.

  12. this dude is a douche. his “art” is a big ad for his clothing brand,etc.
    i have 3 led zep for sale on ebay. check em out suckers. i’ll take my profit and finally buy a banksy!!!!!

  13. ^ who’s the douche?

  14. OMG FACE!



  16. What is this all about?


  17. Thanks Autodactyl – you took the words right out of my – er – fingers?

    I love this print. I went for the patterned version, as I feel that it’s better use of the space. The other one is just too much red, though I certainly appreciate the impact of using large fields of colour, I fear that one would just give me a headache on my wall and this is one I won’t be parting with. (Not that I’ve parted with any yet.)

    I love this image because it’s somewhat reminiscent of 60s and 70s B movie posters, yet all the better for being OBEY.

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