Daniel Danger’s Massive Onsale

Well, Daniel has finally set a tentative date to release a huge number of prints. If all goes well, this stuff will all come out on Wednesday, November 28 at 2pm EST (yes, that is the same time as the Emek print).  I haven’t listed the specs of the concert posters, but expect the editions to be 100-200 and the prices to be $25-35.  Visit TinyMediaEmpire.com.

Here is what is coming on Wednesday :

The “we were fortunate” triptic sets.

Edition of 80, $150:

The “theres nothing out there” art prints.

Edition of 180, $100:

Decemberists, cambridge UK – comes with a fun mini print:

Pinback, OKC:

Poison the well, OKC:

Modest Mouse, norman OK:

Snow Patrol, OKC:

33 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s Massive Onsale”

  1. It was slow but i managed to get through and get what I wanted. Luckily i was able to reschedule my work day so I was at a computer at 2.

  2. The site’s creeping, but moving along. Bending but not breaking. Took me 20 minutes to order 4 posters. Better than 45-60 minutes at Obey only to get rerouted into an infinite loop with paypal and my shopping cart, instead of the confirm page. I’ll stick with the quality at DD’s site and sell my Obey backstock to the Eurotrash. Props to DD and the Carrboro show!

  3. missed out on we were fortunate but got the modest mouse and pinback posters. amazing stuff

  4. i went back to get the modest mouse poster and got it in my cart but then went to check out and it was gone

  5. The other half of the edition will be at Postersandtoys, by the way.

  6. when will Postersandtoys have them for sale?

  7. Week or two.

  8. which ones will postersandtoys have?

  9. Most of the concert posters, not the art prints.

  10. durn…i was hoping for another shot at And I Need Sunny Days

  11. Anyone Fortunate to have gotten The “we were fortunate” triptic sets and would like to make a quick flip, let me know

  12. I’m looking for a copy of “we were fortunate” as well. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!

  13. I’ll even trade one of my favorite Angry Woebots originals + cash for it!!!

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