“Bee” Art Print by Emek (Onsale Info)

NOWhere Limited is set to release Emek’s Bee art print this Wednesday, should be mayhem over there. The print is 18″ x 24″, an 8 color screenprint, and has an edition of 150. Each print will come with a matching-number handbill. The price is $75. To purchase, visit NOWhereLimited.com on Wednesday, November 28 at 2pm EST.

EDIT:  Due to overwhelming demand, orders will now be taken via email.  Shoot a message to bee@nowherelimited.com tomorrow at 2pm EST to purchase. 

2 Responses to ““Bee” Art Print by Emek (Onsale Info)”

  1. I got no. 1 of the bathroom suite! so stoked.

  2. are you a beekeeper?

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