New Stella Im Hultberg Print : “Marla” (Onsale Info)

Gallery 1988 is set to release what will probably be the most anticipated image from their Crazy4Cult show.  The Fight Club inspired piece is a 16″ x 20″ giclee limited to 150 pieces.  The price will be $150.  To purchase, give Gallery 1988 a call at (323) 937 – 7088 (LA) or (415) 409 – 1376 (SF) on Tuesday, November 20 at noon PST.  Visit their blog for more info.

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  1. damn, thats a pretty nice piece. i just cant get into giclees though.

  2. Intense.

  3. Me likey.

  4. does anyone even remember what a busy signal sounds like???

  5. “i just cant get into giclees though”

    that’s because giclee is a fancy word for inkjet. taken from wikipedia: “is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing The term is often used instead of Inkjet in art shops.”

    spending $150 bones on an inkjet print is a waste of money.

  6. “spending $150 bones on an inkjet print is a waste of money.”

    that’s just ignorant. do you even know how much these printers cost, and what sort of technology is involved? some of the really large format printers can cost up to $15,000, with cartridges (8-9 of them total) costing up to $250 each,

  7. Autodactyl,

    i’m a graphic designer and know the printing industry very well and have an $8,000 large format inkjet in my office…. so yes, i am fully aware of the cost of large format printers, ink and paper….

    still doesn’t change the fact a giclee is a fancy word for inkjet. if you think spending $150 on a print from an inkjet printer is a good deal then by all means spend away.

  8. Autodactyl,

    i also find it funny that you attack my opinion on the cost of this print when you complained about Kinsey’s latest 9 COLOR SILKSCREEN costing $125:

    so according to you, $150 is a good deal on an inkjet print but $125 for a 9 color silkscreen by a more well known artist is in your words “wack”.

  9. OMG FACE!

  10. I have several giclees on canvas that look amazing and were well worth the money. Giclee on paper maybe another story.

  11. Wow, really nice. Too bad my complaint about the price had NOTHING to do with it being a screenprint. Congrats.

  12. lolza

  13. Screenprints are for printmakers. Giclees are for painters. Way of the world, mazn.

  14. Hey! That looks kinda like Marla Singer…

  15. Smiles everyone, smiles!!



  17. They have 150 phone lines, duh!

  18. I have a few giclee prints, including works from Stella Im Hultberg, Audrey Kawasaki and Aaron Horkey. The first time I saw one in person I was stunned at how much it looked like an actual painting. They really are beautiful in person and well worth the money if you like the image. I have never been disappointed with any of the giclees I have purchased.

  19. lol

  20. well that was easy

  21. Quit bitchin. If you don’t own the original then the print is your only fucking option for hanging it on your wall. So $150 isn’t that bad for a chance to have this great piece. PEACE!

  22. I found a great web article that sums it up about Giclees. Basically if you like it get it, but it probably aint worth much:

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