Red’s Dead Art Print by Punchgut

Punchgut just released this new art print, Red’s Dead. It is 18″ x 24″, an edition of 95, and $30. To purchase, visit

6 Responses to “Red’s Dead Art Print by Punchgut”

  1. Matt has been doing some beautiful work lately. I was so impressed with “Buckets of Rain” that I bought a back up print. It is pretty hard to go wrong with his prices. Nice job Mr. Punchgut!

  2. oh man i’m going to have to rustle up some loot for this…

  3. Love this piece. The sky is beautiful. Anyways…whats this artists name?

  4. ^ I know his first name is Matt

  5. nice work on the colors, Matt

  6. where can i see a good closeup? are those vertical angled line halftones in the sky?

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