Ween Posters by Status Serigraph

Status Serigraph, aka Justin Helton, just released two crazy new Ween concert posters.  With editions of 110 and 125 respectively, these probably won’t be around too long.  To make the deal even sweeter, Justin just posted a combo pack of both posters for only $50.  They are also available individually for $30 each.  Visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds to purchase.

19 Responses to “Ween Posters by Status Serigraph”

  1. ugly as fuck

  2. I like them. I think Justin’s style fits Ween pretty well.

  3. I like them. they’re ugly in a good way.

  4. I was at this show, my one and only Ween show.

  5. hmm… now you’ve got me wondering where the heck my HOB GID from justin is… i haven’t seen it in a while! i hope it’s not in the tube still!!!

  6. Hey Jeremy, you got it right? Just making sure…Thanks for posting this up Mitch!
    and for STR, its fine if you think its ugly, its supposed to be, have you ever listened to Ween, ugly raw, and silly as fuck!

  7. oh yeah i def have it!!! it’s just a matter of where it is…

  8. These guys maybe could have just stopped recording music after The Mollusk and just stuck to touring. Cannot get into that new album.

  9. @ wilfred.. no? you no likey “friends”?!!

  10. Maybe I would like it more if I had never stopped dropping LSD.

  11. ah yes… those tabs sure can get slippery sometimes! 🙂

  12. prices going up as the edition sells out is nothing new. The credit thing was a nice gesture. They were cheap enough at either site when they first went up so, big deal.

  13. ^^^oops, wrong print thread.^^^

  14. You senile bastard.

  15. stay gold, stoneyboy

  16. I’m pretty sure a friend of mine was commisioned for the HOB San Diego print. Is this an official show print or do peple just make unofficial prints of shows and sell them?

  17. I do not think he would be selling them if it were not officially sanctioned by the band, venue, management, somebody.

  18. Yeah, it happens alot as often one person is cleared through the band, while the promoter hires someone else.

  19. This is directly through Weens management…i dont make bootleg posters. This and the Tucson posters were for the band who sold them at the show.

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