Dragon Art Print by Drowning Creek Studios

Jeff Wood at Drowning Creek studios whipped up this amazing new Dragon art print, and it is now available.  A long time back, this image originally appeared on a DCS poster for Umphrey’s McGee.  It has now been reworked into an 18″ x 24″ art print.  The edition should be somewhere between 100-200, and the price is $50.  To purchase, visit DrowningCreek.com.

3 Responses to “Dragon Art Print by Drowning Creek Studios”

  1. These guys make some great stuff. I am always torn between my fear of hippies and the sweet artwork though. Kind of like Methane’s DMBs.

  2. Today I decided to buy this but this morning when I went to see any news I saw that they had the regular AP for sale and I bought one. Love this dragon and love Jeff’s work!
    Judy is a very nice person too!

  3. […] an art print tomorrow.  Probably the most anticipated will be the Tiger art print, a followup to last year’s dragon print.  The edition is 140, no word on price yet.  Everything goes up for sale tomorrow (Thursday, […]

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