Dave Kinsey “Sure, Why Not” Show Photos

Reader Ryan Shaw was kind enough to send over a whole load of photos from Kinsey’s current show at BLK/MRKT. I don’t want to take up the entire front page of the site, so click HERE to view them as a gallery. Thanks again to Ryan!

New Brendan Monroe Print: “Assimilate”

Brendan Monroe just released this beautiful new letterpress print, Assimilate. Brendan is one of my favorite artists, and I don’t believe he has put out a print for awhile now. This one is 8″ x 10″, an edition of 100, and $45. To purchase, visit BrendanMonroe.com.

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Katy Horan

Tiny Showcase will release their third print tonight by American artist Katy Horan.  She seems like a perfect choice for TS, as her work is small and charming.  As usual, Tiny Showcase releases their prints on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm EST.  It will have an edition of 200.  To purchase, visit TinyShowcase.com. Katy was nice […]

Leaf Skull Art Print by Methane Studios

What a perfect skull print for fall…..Methane just released this art print version of their Leaf Skull design.  Again, if you haven’t grabbed anything from the guys at Methane before, their work is awesome in person, it does not disappoint.  19″ x 25″, edition of 150, and $45.  To purchase, visit MethaneStudios.com.

New Dave Kinsey Print: “Terminal Solipsism”

BLK/MRKT Gallery just released this brand new art print by Dave Kinsey, Terminal Solipsism.  It is a 9 color screenprint, 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 225, and costs $125.  To purchase, move quickly over to BlkMrktGallery.com.

Jamungo CandyPaint 31

Jamungo just released this Halloween flamehead BUD, limited to only 31 pieces.  For those not in the know, Jamungo is the brainchild of Ferg and TVM, and they constantly pump out quality work.  The price on these is $31.  To purchase, visit Jamungo.com.

Early Griffin Press

Early Griffin Press has started a new initiative to publish 4 series of art prints per year, and the first one is looking pretty excellent. Each print is 50cm x 70cm, an edition of 50, and 50 pounds. This round includes Nigel Peake, Supermundane, and Zakee Shariff. To check them out, visit EarlyGriffin.com.

BloodBath Art Print Set by H.

Brain Bulb just started pre-selling a nice gun and grenade giclee set by Brazilian artist Henry Lichtmann, aka “H.”.  These have a tiny edition of 25, and the price is $49.95.  To purchase, visit BrainBulbRecords.com.

“Reconnaissance” Art Print by Dan Grzeca

Dan Grzeca just dropped this awesome new art print, Reconnaissance.  Dan’s work is fully tested and approved, it kills in person.  This one is 22″ x 22″, 8 colors, an edition of 100, and only $40.  To purchase, visit Dan’s Etsy shop.

“Candy Colored Clown” Art Print by Nathan Ota (Onsale Info)

Gallery 1988 is set to release another image from their Crazy4Cult show, this time it’s Nathan Ota’s take on Blue Velvet, Candy Colored Clown.  This is an 11″ x 14″ giclee, has an edition of 50, and will cost $100.  To purchase, call the gallery on Wednesday, October 24 at noon PST.  The phone numbers […]

Josh Keyes at Limited Addiction Gallery (Preview)

Limited Addiction just posted the preview for the Josh Keyes show which opens on October 20. If you didn’t get the email about it, you are probably too late, as the preview list is very, very extensive. Limited Addiction will also be releasing a new print edition, Tic Toc. This will be an 18″ x […]

Horse(y) 1964 Art Print by Grant Barnhart

How’s about a huge 13 color screenprint by Grant Barnhart? Horse(y) 1964 is 22″ x 30″, an edition of 65, and $150. If you haven’t gotten any of Grant’s work before, rest assured that it is beautiful in person. To purchase, visit GrantBarnhart.net.

“I’m Scar3d”, Exhibit by Greg “Craola” Simkins

Gallery 1988 hosted Craola’s most recent show, and it was a spectacular one. Every single piece sold, and the opening was packed. Craola is a super hot up and comer at the moment, and these pieces show why. Some of them were absolutely HUGE (and pricey). Check out coverage at Gallery1988, their blog, and VinylPulse.

Shepard Fairey StolenSpace Preview

Here is a preview of some of Shepard’s work for the upcoming show at StolenSpace London.  All photos are Copyright 2007 Kyle Oldoerp.  For more info on the show, visit ObeyGiant.com.  Many thanks to Kyle for sending these over, enjoy!

Chuck Anderson / No Pattern Prints

Popular designer Chuck Anderson of No Pattern has some really cool signed, matte photo prints for sale.  He has done work for Reebok, Absolut, and album covers for Fall Out Boy, Lupe Fiasco, and Miguel Migs.  All of them are large and inexpensive, visit NPandCo.com to purchase. Good Parts of Bad Dreams 18″ x 24″, […]