Superfishal by Jeremy Fish / Upper Playground

Upper Playground just launched Jeremy Fish’s own clothing line, Superfishal.  They already dropped a good number of shirts and accessories, and there is a bunch more stuff coming (for instance, collaboration skate decks with Pushead, Todd Bratrud, etc).  To check it out, visit

8 Responses to “Superfishal by Jeremy Fish / Upper Playground”

  1. I’m torn between the nice artwork and my fear of hipster side prints.

  2. very nice. Also, there are some Flores and I spot a Horkey print in the regular upper playground shirts section that I didn’t know existed.

  3. C’mon Evan, that was one of the first posts I ever made:

  4. Aaaah penis helmet, I was wondering what was on that poor bunny’s head.

  5. I

  6. its too bad that Upper Playground’s webcart isnt secure

  7. the penis helmet shirt rules.

  8. i want that unicorn crawling out of a skull!


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