New Mark Ryden Print Coming!

Mark Ryden is gearing up to release this lithograph, California Brown Bear, Sometime during the week of October 29 (I guess that’s next week, huh?). It will be 27″ x 22″, have an edition of 500, and will cost $500. They have chosen not to disclose the onsale time, so keep an eye on the site next week if you are interested. It all goes down at

14 Responses to “New Mark Ryden Print Coming!”

  1. the fursecution is coming

  2. eh?

  3. be?

  4. wow 500 for an edition of 500

  5. Wow! I can’t believe he raised the price…
    What an ass. Oh wait I can get a kinsey print for 125! YAY!!

  6. Raised the price? That’s the same price as his last print.

  7. This one is extra creepy.

  8. Hey dumba*s Kinsey raised his price nearly double from a few months ago and he ain’t 1/10 the artist that Ryden is. You my friend = definition of an idi0t

  9. Kinkos made so much money off this print.

  10. Wanna bet it comes out on Halloween? Wish it was more then just a signed poster :/

  11. Wanksta, you have the right to dislike whomever you want, but to call Dave Kinsey 1/10 of the artist that this guy is is pure ignorance. They clearly have vastly different styles, influences, and intentions with their work. Do you think Kinsey is trying to make his work look realistic, cute and fluffy like this guy is and that it just ends up looking more graphic, stylized and monochromatic? In reality they are two extremely talented artists, just different. That said, I’ve seen a lot of artwork that looks just like this, but I’ve yet to see anyone with a style similar to Kinsey’s.

  12. Those eyeballs is crazy.


  14. this print is on sale now

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