Dave Kinsey “Sure, Why Not” Show Photos

Reader Ryan Shaw was kind enough to send over a whole load of photos from Kinsey’s current show at BLK/MRKT. I don’t want to take up the entire front page of the site, so click HERE to view them as a gallery. Thanks again to Ryan!

6 Responses to “Dave Kinsey “Sure, Why Not” Show Photos”

  1. Beautiful work! I wish I could see it in person. Thanks for sharing Ryan!

  2. Big up Ryan! Sweet flicks.

  3. Those are Aaron Brothers frames. I have like 3 of those 18x24s. I think they are the Studio series?

  4. Here you go: http://www.aaronbrothers.com/wallframes_collection.php?cat=1&style=9&coll=162&page=1

  5. wow awesome. Lets hope that first one becomes a print.

  6. those are called floater frames for canvas – here’s how they work:

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