Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Jeana Sohn

Tiny Showcase will welcome back Jean Sohn for a print tonight, and it looks like a doozy. This is her second print for TS, her first one was great too. We are also lucky enough to have the second artist in a row willing to show a preview of the image before it is posted. As usual, TinyShowcase prints go on sale on Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST. To purchase, visit

Jeana was nice enough to preview her print, here it is:


Here is her last Tiny Showcase print, plus some of her other work:

Jeana Sohn

Jeana Sohn


To see more, visit

4 Responses to “Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Jeana Sohn”

  1. Typical hipster scumbag wallpaper.

  2. harsh. i like them.

  3. No offense to Jeana Sohn. I just wanted to use the phrase “hipster scumbag” in a sentence.

  4. wilford brimley
    i actually agree with you.

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