Aaron Horkey’s Isis Poster Available

Aaron Horkey’s most recent Isis poster is now available directly from the band, and it’s a nice second chance for those who missed it.  All of these have a bent lower corner, but at $25, this is still a steal.  Visit BlueCollarDistro.com to purchase.

7 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s Isis Poster Available”

  1. Great second chance for anyone who didn’t get one.

  2. As with all horkey prints, looks way better in person

  3. I bought one and warned people on EB at this time it must be almost sold out!

  4. Sometimes at work I pretend like I am working late but I am really just reading this blog. Whitewash version is better!

  5. When will they put it up? It still is saying “sold out” for me.

  6. It sold out already. You missed it.

  7. darn!

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