Next Week’s Obey Print: Commanda

Obey gave a super early peek at next week’s print, Commanda.  Looks like he is going back to the woman series, this time with the lovely Mrs. Fairey as the subject (I think).  As always, Obey prints release on Tuesdays at noon PST.  Visit to purchase.  (Please commence weekly Obey discussion).

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  2. You know if you hit that Caps Lock button again it goes to lower case letters. And if you hold the shift key at the same time as letter key it capitalizes the letter!

  3. .ti ta doog ytterp m’I.sdrawkcab epyt ll’I dna spac ni epyt uoY

  4. Enough incomprehensible drivel, Aric. Shit is wack.

  5. i thought it was funny…

  6. Sheesh.

  7. !taerg s’tahT !cirA sknahT


  8. Wait we are allowed to say cusses on this blog?

  9. You’re going to make the admin mad, Robot.

  10. I wasn’t mad, just saying it was wack. People were beginning to follow your lead.

  11. Not sure if I would want poster geeks having a screenprint of my wife over their bed. Would you guys?

  12. i love it!
    and the spray can

  13. Really? No one recognized Benazir Bhutto?

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