New Posters, Prints, and Tees at Methane

Methane Studios just released a new art print, new concert posters, and some new fall tees.  The VW art print is very cool, and a necessity if you’ve been collecting that series.  The edition is only 50, so you should probably move fast on that.  Oh yeah, price on the art print is $45, with the concert posters being more in the $25 range.  As with all of their stuff, Methane’s posters and art prints are top quality, you won’t be disappointed.  To check out the new stuff and purchase, visit

New Tee:

6 Responses to “New Posters, Prints, and Tees at Methane”

  1. that shirt is pretty rad

  2. Ya I kinda like that shirt.

  3. If you look carefully at the leaves on the tee, you can see a skull

  4. ^ Thanks for the insight Captain Obvious.


  6. Beefloaf, the Volkswagen has been produced since the forties, and in the sixties, twenty years later; Volkswagen still produced the same car with only a few design-modifications. This means that it was easy to mix and match parts from several models to keep at least one Volkswagen running. Because of the simple maintenance and the cheap expenses of buying, the hippies loved the Volkswagen, and they had two favourites: The Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Transporter.

    Today, we think of the old Volkswagen Transporter as a symbol of the hippie-movement. Many hippies were driving this vehicle, very often painted with eccentric colours like yellow, pink and sky-blue, and the chassis was decorated by peace-symbols and flowers. Inside the van, the hippies placed fittings like mattresses, guitars, curtains, posters and other material stuff which we associates with the hippies nowadays.

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