New Evan Hecox Print: LA Blacksun III

Arkitip just put a preorder up for Evan Hecox’s latest print, a third version of his LA Blacksun image.  It is actually a large version of LA Blacksun I and II put together.  Huge 24″ x 36″ screenprint, edition of only 50, $250.  Visit to purchase.

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  1. Orrrrrr, you could swing over to The Public Trust’s new website ( and throw some cash down on one the last remaining originals in this series. They’ve also got a solarplate relief print called “Two Carts” in an edition of 50 for $200 each. They look sick. You should go grab a screenshot off The Public Trust’s web and list them here. There’s not a purchase option on the site, but if you email the owner Brian, he’ll hook it up. 🙂

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