Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Josh Keyes

Best Tiny Showcase artist yet? Quite possibly. Tonight, Tiny Showcase will welcome back Josh Keyes, a dude gaining giant momentum and an OMG favorite. This one should be great, can’t wait for tonight. As usual, the print will be small and inexpensive. The release time is 7:30 pm EST. To purchase, visit

EDIT:  Word is, this will be tonight’s print:

Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints, but here is the last Josh Keyes print they released:

…and some more of his work:

To see more, visit Josh

24 Responses to “Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Josh Keyes”

  1. This guy is so good.

  2. all over this… that’s DOPE!

  3. This particular piece is like one of my least favorites of his more recent works. I was sort of hoping it would be one of the polar bear pieces. Love the water stuff.

  4. He has been talking about doing one of the polar bear prints as a giclee, probably through Limited Addiction.

    This one is pretty cool, especially for the $25-30 it will cost!

  5. Yeah no doubt. I’m still going to get it!


  7. That is a good question. At first I thought that it was a postal code, but that doesn’t work. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything other than numbers and letters are something that humans created. A lot of his recent work seems to be representative of human infringement on nature. When you figure it out let me know.

  8. Help !!

    Where / when can i purchase??

  9. Take a second and read the entry.

  10. Yeah I just picked one up. Don’t own any of his stuff and for such a cheap price, might as well check it out. But yeah I think in general and from looking at some of his previous prints its like matt said above, its about an infringement on nature. I don’t think the numbers and letters have any great significance.

  11. i got one. will look good next to my other tinyshowcase prints

  12. oh yeah…it was only $20 too…bargain

  13. souled outza

  14. Wow, does stuff on Tiny usually sell out this quickly?

  15. wow, sold out in 5 min.

  16. Usually not THIS fast, but under an hour is normal.

    Josh Keyes is the HOTNESS!

  17. Some savvy investor probably bought 50.

  18. wow even faster than last week!

  19. And double the usual run

  20. The past 5 prints or so have sold out in a couple of minutes and have caused them to encounter server errors. I got shut out of the Julie Morstad print because of errors. Tinyshowcase is extremely popular now. Wonder when we will start seeing any tinyshowcase prints on eBay. Props to Mitch for slanging this since the times when it took them 30 minutes or more to sell out.

  21. it sucks that people can buy more than 1…. I got stuck messing with paypal… wah.

  22. Hmm…I hadn’t thought about the no limit thing. I’ve always only bought 1. With no limit, we are for sure going to see Tinyshowcase print flipping.

  23. was this signed?

  24. Nope.

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