Zeke Lei Print by Joe Ledbetter

Tokyocube is the exclusive seller of international orders for Joe Ledbetter’s newest print, Zeke Lei. It is 21″ x 26″ (unless its in cm, who knows?), has an edition of 50, and costs 42 pounds. JLed’s stuff has been very hot lately, so this is a nice chance to grab one of his prints. Visit Tokyocube.com to purchase.

6 Responses to “Zeke Lei Print by Joe Ledbetter”

  1. I think it’s CM.

  2. me too…

  3. duh, the entire world uses the metric system.

  4. Not in Amurica!

  5. why is this site so slow? (sorry for straying)

  6. Media Temple, the host, has been acting up since yesterday. This is the reason for the slow loading.

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