New Todd Slater Posters Coming Out

Todd Slater has a handful of new posters coming out this week, most notably his Beastie Boys and Ween posters. The Beastie Boys poster will be an edition of 200 and cost $40, while the Ween print will be an edition of 150 and cost $50. Both of these are coming out Friday (I guess […]

New Daniel Danger Print “The Elk Guard” Drops Tomorrow is proud to announce a new exclusive screenprint by Daniel Danger, “The Elk Guard”.  The print is 19″ x 25″, signed/numbered in an edition of 150.  Archival copies will be saved, so only about 130 will be available to the public.  The price is $35.  The release time is tomorrow (Thursday, September 13) at […]

A Few Stella Im Hultberg Prints Left at Roq La Rue

Just got word that there are still a few (literally) Stella Im Hultberg prints available for phone purchase at Roq La Rue gallery.  The print, “Sometimes” has a tiny edition of 50 and costs $150.  Stella fans and savvy investors should call Roq La Rue at (206) 374-8977 to purchase.

New Work by Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki just posted a handful of the new work for her latest show, Ephemera. Pretty amazing stuff here. Everything has sold, but you can always check out Gallery Nucleus to see how much everything was.

New Mear One Print “David and Goliath” Coming Out 9/17

Mear One is about to release an AMAZING new print on Monday, September 17. This 11 color screenprint is 22″ x 28″, an edition of 100, and costs $150. This looks like it is seriously going to kill in person. To purchase, make sure it’s Monday, September 17 at 1pm PST and send Baurmann Gallery […]

Jermaine Rogers Life Size Squire Orders Start Friday

NOWhere Limited is going to sell the last of the preorders for the life size Squire by Jermaine Rogers this Friday, September 14. The black edition sold completely out at SDCC, and the allotment for the blue one (edition of 30) also ran out. NOWhere Limited saved a few for online release, so don’t sleep […]

New Stuff at Burlesque Design

Burlesque Design posted some really cool new stuff recently, led by Mike Davis’ new Alphabet poster and a new colorway of Aaron Horkey’s Black Osprey t-shirt.  Mike’s poster is a huge 24″ x 36″ screenprint and costs only $3o.  The t-shirt is printed on American Apparel and is $20.  To purchase, and to check out […] Fundraiser

Noble citizen NoRelation has organized an exciting fundraiser for Clay, the owner/operator of  ALOT of people have benefited from Clay’s efforts, so it’s time to give a little something back.  Some amazing posters have already been collected (including a full White Stripes tour set by Rob Jones), and many more are still coming in […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Jack Long

Tiny Showcase will welcome back Jack Long for a print release tonight.  Jack’s paintings are really cool, so this could end up being the best Tiny Showcase in awhile.  The edition tonight will be 200, the price will likely be $30 or less.  To purchase, set your alarm for tonight at 7:30pm EST and visit […]

New Obey Print “Afrocentric”

Sorry folks, was in class when this went up.  Obey has a new print up in two colorways.  Visit to purchase.  These probably won’t be around much longer.

Screens N’ Spokes Posters Available

The awesome fundraiser Screens N’ Spokes just posted a bunch of the posters from the show up for sale.  There are a number of cool offerings left, including posters by Leia Bell, Nate Duval, Cricket Press, and more.  They are all reasonably priced, and the money goes to a great cause.  To check out the […]

Jay Ryan’s Decemberists Poster

Jay Ryan just posted his contribution to the upcoming Decemberists poster series, and it’s a good one.  The show date on this one is Sept. 29, so hopefully some of these will be available by emailing The Bird Machine after that date.  Until then, enjoy.

Audrey Kawasaki “Memai” Print Release Info

Well, it’s almost time again for an Audrey Kawasaki print release.  This time it is Memai, a print which was partially released earlier this year by Lineage Gallery.  It is 13″ x 19″, an edition of 150, and $125.  The release time will be Saturday, September 15 at 3pm PST.  When the time is right, […]

Sket One “Kong” Series Four Signed Dunny Available

Sket One’s flocked Kong Dunny from the upcoming series four is now available in very short supply from Sket himself. These will be very rare (the ratio on them is 1/48), and these are a steal at only $40. Sket has also offered to sign them, either on the box or the figure.  There are […]

New Jay Ryan Art Prints

Just got word from Mr. Jay Ryan that he has this brand new art print coming out soon, tentatively titled “Intercontinental”.  This will be available next week, along with the impressive poster he did for The Frames.  To purchase either one, send The Bird Machine an email next week.