New Obey Print “Afrocentric”

Sorry folks, was in class when this went up.  Obey has a new print up in two colorways.  Visit to purchase.  These probably won’t be around much longer.

7 Responses to “New Obey Print “Afrocentric””

  1. i totally boughtened the red one, mazn

  2. *yawn*

  3. This doesn’t suck.

  4. Remember when a second colorway used to imply there was probably going to be a different color of ink used? Shepard Fairey is breaking all the rules!

  5. obey is like the wal mart of graphic design

  6. Well fuck the hell outta me!
    I only just found out about this as I’ve been toiling away
    packaging up my art prints to send off to customers
    and I couldn’t get online at the time these came out.
    I’d have loved at least one of these. They both look great!


  7. black power!

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