Audrey Kawasaki “Memai” Print Release Info

Well, it’s almost time again for an Audrey Kawasaki print release.  This time it is Memai, a print which was partially released earlier this year by Lineage Gallery.  It is 13″ x 19″, an edition of 150, and $125.  The release time will be Saturday, September 15 at 3pm PST.  When the time is right, send an email to purchase.  Click here for all the info.

10 Responses to “Audrey Kawasaki “Memai” Print Release Info”

  1. well 80 prints for sale. this will be quite a lottery on getting through for the email response.

  2. how emek of her!

  3. Pretty soon you’ll be able to buy these on Ebay for less than the original price just like the last Amy Sol print.

  4. Stoney, which print was that?

  5. Heavy Heart Open Shell

  6. Why is that? all the flippers?

  7. In my opinion, Kawasaki’s work is much deeper and less surface-y than Sol’s. I don’t think you’ll see her prices drop, I could see her commanding pretty good dough into the future. Sol is more “you know, that girl who’s stuff looks like Audrey Kawasaki, but with more animals”. Just my opinion.

  8. surface-y eh

  9. Yeah, I just think some of this whole mini-genre lacks depth. Doesn’t really make anyone feel anything, just looks pretty.

  10. Audrey Kawasaki’s prints are beautiful in person. I have never seen an Amy Sol print in person, but in my opinion they lack the life essence that Kawasaki captures in her work. Amy Sol’s art, although beautiful, looks more cartoon like. I would compare Audrey Kawasaki’s style to Stella Hultberg’s. They are quite different, but much closer than Sol and Kawasaki

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