New Jay Ryan Art Prints

Just got word from Mr. Jay Ryan that he has this brand new art print coming out soon, tentatively titled “Intercontinental”.  This will be available next week, along with the impressive poster he did for The Frames.  To purchase either one, send The Bird Machine an email next week.

15 Responses to “New Jay Ryan Art Prints”

  1. Huh, when do I send an email?

  2. i have a feeling this looks incredible in person. the closer you look the more you notice in this tiny photo. Theres a texture in the tree trunk i can’t wrap my head around.

  3. its like a birch tree only its got like innocence or something. those birds are killer. it all makes me drool.

  4. Pika-chuuuU!!!!!!!

  5. damn that Jay Ryan and his awesome-ness!!

    Of course I will buy one.

  6. I emailed BirdMachine, no response?

  7. Hmm, they moved studios last week, so they are probably busy. They are good people, they’ll get back to you.

  8. They just sent out an e-mail response.

  9. Jack got back to me today and I was able to order a print

  10. Sweet, just ordered mine.

  11. Yup, got a purchase email today as well. Anyone know if this is limited edition and what it’s out of?

  12. […] you’ve been paying attention, you probably know that Jay’s Intercontinental art print has been available for purchase for about a week, and now his Decemberists poster can […]

  13. ugh. i never got a response. i emailed them back on the 13th. hmmm..

    i dont mean to bug them bu ti think i should email them again i guess… that is such a sweet print.

  14. I just got mine on Saturday and it kicks ass.

  15. Yeah Aaron, send another. Jack is a good guy.

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