New Aesop Rock Music Video With Jeremy Fish Animation

Check out this awesome music video by Aesop Rock for his new song, “None Shall Pass”. It features cool animation by Jeremy Fish. Mr. Fish also did the album cover and a line of merch for the record. Enjoy.

6 Responses to “New Aesop Rock Music Video With Jeremy Fish Animation”

  1. The album artwork is awesome!

  2. The track kicks butt too

  3. This track is sick. Is the rest of the album even close to this good? Any Blockhead beats? Yup, video is cool too.

  4. Yeah, the album is all pretty good, believe it or not. There’s about 8 or 9 Blockhead beats.

  5. Oh yeah, Blockhead did this beat too.

  6. Great vibe on this track. I love the art. Reminds me a little of where the wild things are how he wore an animal suit that obviously was a suit.

    Anyone willing to put this on Digg to so if others are as amused?

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