Will Murai Prints at BlueFlip Art

BlueFlip just launched 17 new prints by Will Murai.  I think some of this dude’s work is really cool, definitely worth taking a look at.  As always from BlueFlip, these are very reasonably priced for giclees.  Take a look at the whole selection at BlueFlipArt.com.

8 Responses to “Will Murai Prints at BlueFlip Art”

  1. wow i want like 4 or 5 of his prints

  2. agreed – the flavor prints are hot stuff

  3. Very cool stuff.

  4. Embrace the flip.

  5. Are these, numbered and signed? anyone know?

  6. Blueflip’s prints aren’t signed or numbered, that’s how they keep them so cheap.

  7. Yeah pencils are expensive these days.

  8. ha. ha.

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