Audrey Kawasaki’s Painting Process

Audrey Kawasaki just posted a really cool process picture series on her LiveJournal page.  This is a painting for an upcoming show at Gallery Nucleus.  This is her first painting on canvas in roughly 3 years, as she usually strictly works on wood.  Enjoy!



12 Responses to “Audrey Kawasaki’s Painting Process”

  1. wow. just wow. she’s incredible.

  2. um yeah. right on!

  3. Beautiful. Wonder what she’s watching while she works.

  4. What medium is the finished piece in?
    Really nice technique.

  5. Aric, I believe she watches training videos by Bob Ross.


  6. The outline of the owl’s left side is distracting to me

  7. SportsCenter

  8. amazing

  9. Thanks for posting that…very nice.

  10. Any idea on what something like that will cost?

  11. thousands of doll hairs. my guess is 6-10k

  12. I have been a big fan of Audrey’s work for a while now, and the novelty never wears off. There’s certainly something quite enchanting about each of her pieces… yet at the same time haunting.

    I love it… all of it. There’s a lot of great art out there and Audrey is one of the most talented artists around in my opinion. I am sure many others agree.

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