The Work of Naoto Hattori

Surrealist Naoto Hattori has a handful of insane prints and paintings available, and they are definitely worth taking some time to look at.  Some pretty crazy imagery, that is really about all that can be said.  This is a very small fraction of the prints available, to see them all visit


6″ x 14″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 100, $75:


15″ x 17″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 125, $100:

Notorious Bi-At-Ch

15″ x 20″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 100, $150:


11″ x 24″ Giclee, Signed/Numbered Edition of 100, $125:

8 Responses to “The Work of Naoto Hattori”

  1. Creepishly delicious!

  2. the mushroom looks like a huge dong

  3. shroomking=penis

  4. Looks like Scott Musgrove’s work with a slight twist to me…

  5. does this remind anyone else of ryden?

  6. Nah, when I look at Ryden, I see a disturbed individual, with all of the children, often nude. I call it toucher-art. Just my opinion though, he’s obviously immensely popular.

  7. The Notorious Bi-At-Ch is terrific.

  8. Is that Hanzo steel?

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