Joe Ledbetter’s Finders Keepers Series

JLED’s new mini series, Finders Keepers, will go on sale this morning, and you have a couple of different options.  Kidrobot will release their share at 11am EST.  They are $7.95 each, or $159/case.  The second option, which is more beneficial but will also be more chaotic, is to visit Joe’s site at noon PST and try to buy a case for $159 which includes a free giclee print.  This offer is only available at  Otherwise, visit to purchase a case.  Either way, these will go fast.

10 Responses to “Joe Ledbetter’s Finders Keepers Series”

  1. Is this a joke? I would be much more likely to buy that giclee for $159 then to buy the toys for $159 and get the giclee for free. I’m sick of this “Free” crap.

  2. “free” crap? if it actually was crap i’d be less inclined to buy the original item. but seeing as how this print is not presently steaming and has not emerged from your ass, i wouldn’t consider it so. free is free, you buy it one place, you get nothing for free. you buy it somewhere else, you get something extra, for FREE (not in quotes).

    what’s so funny about that?

  3. stick to selling oatmeal bro

  4. Those figures are freakin cool lookin. I’m not crazy about the print, but free seems like a fair price

  5. This thing sold out before it even went on sale. How the hell is that possible??

  6. They look like Pokemons

  7. they went up at 11:57 and sold out at like 12pm. and they oversold so a buncha people are getting refunds too. i am one of the refundees 😮 ( it messed up the first time i ordered otherwise i’d be sitting here joyous but now i saw the refund email and am now deflated. poop

  8. That’s B.S. man. If a sale is set for 12:00 PST, you have it at 12:00 PST, not 11:57 PST. It seems a little suspicious to me, but what do I know

  9. If you really wanted it, you would be there at least 10 minutes early.

  10. I e-mailed emek 1 second early for a QOTSA and was denied because i was too early.

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