The Best Gama-Go Deal Ever

Gama-Go just annoucned that if you buy $150 worth of stuff over Labor Day Weekend, you will receive a $300 signed/numbered canvas giclee by Tim Biskup FREE.  Pretty awesome deal, check out for more info.

12 Responses to “The Best Gama-Go Deal Ever”

  1. Awesome deal!

  2. Has anyone actually found $150 of stuff they may want to buy?

  3. You can’t give away an entire set of prints and say they’re worth $300. Now if the print were for sale (or had sold out) at that price, that’d be different. The print is not $300, it is free. If you believe this type of marketing, I’ve got a nice piece of land I’ve been looking to sell–it’s a $300,000 piece of land I’m selling for $15,000.

  4. I doubt anybody would sell a signed and numbered Tim Biskup giclee for 15 dollars. But I’ll take a look at that piece of land.

  5. I don’t think $300 is an unreasonable appraisal for a signed Biskup print on canvas.

  6. To my knowledge, it’s not a limited edition. I wouldn’t pay $300 for almost any open edition of anything.

  7. Edition of 200.

  8. This deal would be a lot cooler if that “free” giclee was even remotely nice

  9. @scooby – what? you don’t like yetis and/or boomboxes?

  10. The print rocks your socks.

    Gama-Go’s framed glicee’s are extremely high quality…definately gonna jump on this one.

  11. I just can’t justify buying anything at those prices… I would be more likely to pay $150 for this print than buy $150 worth of shit and get it for free…

  12. I can’t find anything to spend $150 on, either.

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