“Silver Age” Art Print by Billy Perkins

Billy Perkins will be offering up this awesome new art print at next weekend’s Flatstock 14 in Seattle.  The print will be available as part of an on-site printing demonstration, and probably won’t be offered after Flatstock.  If there are any leftover, Perkins says that he will post an Gigposters Classified, but don’t hold your breath.  If they do make it online, I will let you know.  For now, just enjoy looking at it.

5 Responses to ““Silver Age” Art Print by Billy Perkins”

  1. If anyone could pick one of these up for me at FS, I’d *really* appreciate it. Just reply here and we’ll figure it out, I guess. I’ve been looking for a good Marvel art print for a while, and I’d say this is a winner!

  2. I’d also love one of these if somhow somebody could help me out,
    I have tons of stuff to trade or i’ll give cash

  3. “Oh, mazn.”

    Here’s hoping that some make it to the GP classifieds.

  4. Will pay for a print of this.
    If anyone is going please contact.
    Quite an excellent marvel print.

    Thank You

  5. contact me here
    i will pay all shipping

    thanks agian

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