Insa 8″ Dunny Release at Kidrobot Tomorrow

Kidrobot will release an 8″ Dunny by UK artist Insa tomorrow morning.  It is outfitted in a custom hoodie, and this thing is looking pretty weird.  The run is 1800 pieces, the price is $49.95.  1 in every 6 boxes contains the white chase figure.  If you are interested, hit up tomorrow (Thursday, August 23) at 11am EST.

4 Responses to “Insa 8″ Dunny Release at Kidrobot Tomorrow”

  1. insa’s blog is pretty cool – lots of sweet pictures:

    plus he has a sick custom jaguar XJS for sale!!!

  2. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy looking at that blog.

  3. I saw underboob.

  4. Underboob is criminally underrated and underused. Respect it y’all.

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