Print by Klutch (and backstory…)

Pacific Northwest street artist Klutch just released a new print.  Unfortunately, it was under less than ideal conditions.  Here is the info from Wooster Collective (a street art blog well worth your time):

f you’ve been following the stencil scene for the last few years, then you know doubt have heard about the Klutch, who lives and paints in the Pacific Northwest.

On June 30th Klutch had a heart attack and and only now is starting to get his strength back. But the experience set him back $35000 in hospital bills as, like a lot of artists, he didn’t have any health insurance. To start to pay some of the bills back, Klutch has put up a print for sale. Here’s the info:

Print details:
5 colors
18″ x 24″
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered

Available at on August 23, 2007 at 8:00 AM (PST)

$70 USD
$9 USD for US shipping
$15 USD for UK shipping
Everywhere else please email me for shipping rates

The backstory:
Back in April I did a benefit art show for my friend, Nick Bittakis from Diesel Fuel Prints, who had shattered his kneecap while skating at Burnside. He was touched by the gesture and to show his appreciation he did an art print for me. It came just in time, on June 30th I suffered a heart attack and the next day I had surgery to unblock 3 arteries. I was very lucky and am now on the path to recovery, but I also now have $35,000 in hospital bills and no insurance. The proceeds from this print will help me pay rent and eat while I get my strength back.

16 Responses to “Print by Klutch (and backstory…)”

  1. All this needs is a bomb border and it could be the best obey print in weeks.

  2. Or a bow on that helicopter and the best Banksy print in months!

  3. Having a heart attack sounds like it sucks…

  4. you guys are assholes.

    klutch is a solid artist who has done a great deal for the community along with starting the Vinyl Killers art shows. this print looks nothing like a obey print or a banksy.

  5. i don’t think they were slagging klutch…i thought they were complimenting him

  6. Yeah, that’s kinda what I thought too.

  7. Do you think Gigposter’s support of Bacon consumption had anything to do with this arterial blockage? Maybe we should change our ways…

  8. Have any of you guys tried turkey bacon? That shit is wack. Bring on the heart attacks.

  9. That’s funny, I thought this was an Obey print at first also seeing as there appears to be no Obey print this week.

  10. I don’t understand the confusion. This looks nothing like OBEY or Banksy. Anybody trying to claim its a knockoff is, indeed, an asshole.

  11. Let me clarify…

    diesel and admin get an A+ in reading comprehension skills.
    I was complimenting this print while bashing obey at the same time. What did happen to obey this week anyways?

  12. Reading comprehension skills are highly overrated. I’ve always preferred ambiguity and jumping to conclusions. From now on, all sarcasm must be typed in italics.

  13. Great Idea

  14. this is what happened this week at obey

  15. why didn’t he just put the pink bowtie on the helicopter too???

  16. Sales opened an hour ago and are going fast.

    Peace to all who have rallied to support me.

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