Ninjas print by Scott Campbell

Gallery Nucleus just released a really cool and huge print by Scott Campbell, Ninjas All Over The Place. This thing is a massive 42″ x 24″ archival print on watercolor paper. $150 is the price. Visit to purchase.

6 Responses to “Ninjas print by Scott Campbell”

  1. haha, awesome.

  2. If that’s 24×42, the picture must be out of proportion.

  3. i fucking love the fat ninja.

  4. nice work Scott. it’s nice to something that looks (even if it’s not) hand drawn.

  5. that is AWESOME!
    I would love to get that and put it somewhere where I would stare at it. Looks like the kind of art where you continuously notice something new.
    There is a ninja smoking a joint… er, cigarette.

  6. it is ALL about the fat ninja. there’s like five guys throwing stars at him!

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