Shepard Fairey Stencil Raffle, one of my favorite sites on the net, is auctioning off an original retired and signed Obey stencil by Shepard Fairey. The admin over there does alot of work for not much money, so this donation drive / raffle is well deserved. Throw some dollars at them, maybe score yourself a piece of street art history. $10 gets you an entry.  Visit to get involved.

9 Responses to “Shepard Fairey Stencil Raffle”

  1. pretty sweet mazn

  2. I only wish that there were a bomb border around it…

  3. this is pretty rad. i dig.

  4. This is a hot flip!

  5. Holy crap! That’s frickin sweet!
    Sadly, I’ve already overspent this week after paying to have a few of my designs printed up.

  6. Dude, it’s only a $10 donation.

  7. Yeah, $10 is too much to ask for such a long shot.

  8. Trying to get any of Shepard Fairey’s valued work is a long shot.

  9. The “long shot” is actually to help the community resource,

    The stencil is simply a really, really nice bonus– donated by Shepard Fairey– for one person who donates to help keep the site up and running.

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