Three New Tyler Stout Art Prints Available

Tyler Stout just released three brand new art prints, and they are looking sick.  Tyler’s stuff has been selling better than ever lately, and these are some amazing prices, so jump on it.  Visit to purchase, they are under TStore.


18″ x 18″, 2 Color Screenprint, Edition of 100, $20:

Tiger In Country

16″ x 24″, 2 Color Screenprint, Edition of 50, $20:

Clap Your Nucleus (2 Versions)

18″ x 18″, 2 Color Screenprint, Editions of 50 each, $20 ea/$30 set:

4 Responses to “Three New Tyler Stout Art Prints Available”

  1. I think artists who are relatively obscure should try to make their prints in standard framing sizes. I’m more likely to spend $25 on a print that I know will never be worth anything if I don’t have to pay more than $20 to frame and hang it.

  2. 1. Using AmericanFrame is cheap.

    2. Tyler’s last art print is worth plenty of money.

  3. i love the ruby print, just bought one plus the clap your nucleus set, after recieving his migration print and having it on my wall i’ve been a fan. glad to hear its worth a bit of money too, not that i’d sell it.
    you should see how much i have to pay in the uk to get prints framed. i got a quote the other day £100/$200 for a gallery type aluminiun frame 20 x 30 it was for the whole job backed etc, but very expensive. if anyone knows a good place on the web in the uk for frames let me know as i’d rather buy the frame and do the rest myself.

  4. I enjoy variety in print sizes. Things would get a little boring if every artist was putting out standard 24 x 30 prints, relatively obscure or not. This is art after all. That being said, I’ll never be accused of being Tyler’s hugest fan, but I do like the tiger print.

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