New Tara McPherson Art Print: Death Metal Girl

Tara McPherson just released her image from last year’s High on Fire poster as an art print. This screenprint has an edition of only 100, and the price is $100. Tara is huge right now, this is definitely worth grabbing. Visit to purchase.

8 Responses to “New Tara McPherson Art Print: Death Metal Girl”

  1. corpse paint + boobs

  2. boobs + bandolier

  3. bandolier + garters

  4. dorks

  5. ZING!

  6. Anyone know if those boobs are real?

  7. i know first hand, they are real.

  8. Yah, I know I’m late here, but this print’s hot and I just saw
    High on FIre last week. Wish they had a t-shirt of the

    Anyhoo, I actually thought I’d pop in here to prompt you to post something about Tara’s upcoming 8″ Dunny. The Bubble Yucky comes in Pink and Teal, which are blind boxed (?) at a 50/50 ratio. I hope to get my greasy paws on both of these beauties!

    Here’s a url for a pic of the twins:

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