A Cat on a Bike by Nate Duval

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:  I dig Nate Duval.  This is the art print version of a poster he did for an upcoming show entitled Screens n Spokes (more info to come about that later).  In the meantime, grab this 18″ x 18″ screenprint for only $25.  Afterall, only 20 exist.  Purchase now in the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

4 Responses to “A Cat on a Bike by Nate Duval”

  1. Not as awesome as Jay Ryan’s Cat on a BIke.

  2. Nate’s recent stuff has been great, and this cat will fit great with the rest of the show

  3. didn’t another unnamed artist already produce an art print called cat on a bike. hmmmm..

  4. Thanks for the “love” I guess… These are almost gone (only 10 left) so if anyone wants get em quick before they costs more!

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