This Week’s Obey Print: Operation Oil Freedom

This week’s Obey print has just been previewed, Operation Oil Freedom. I have to say that I’m getting pretty sick of the same old routine from Obey, this one is tired. Two colorways, release time will be Tuesday at noon PST. As usual, please discuss this one, I’m always interested to see responses to Obey prints. Visit tomorrow to purchase.

Here is a simple math equation:





Maybe his message is that recycling makes lots of money?

86 Responses to “This Week’s Obey Print: Operation Oil Freedom”

  1. screw obey. shepard is so played out and commercialized he’s lost his appeal. give me a david choe any day of the week.

  2. the message is cool, but the art is sort of lacking… i kinda wish he’d be done with the whole 2 sides motif and move on!

  3. Sigh…. oh well, i’m sure one of these weeks something awesome will come around

  4. It’s funny. A month ago you kids were totally dickriding him over the Sunsets print. “This is the best eva!” From hero to zero in a month eh?

  5. i think i may utter a yawn as i enter my paypal details tommorow when i buy one.

  6. the sunsets print was nice, thats why people liked it. as ive said, seems like shep is releasing whatever he makes just to have something out every week compared to picking the best of what hes done and releasing it from time to time. this is really “yup. ok.” to me.

    plus, as weird as it is to say it because it STILL is relevant, the subject mater seems about 5 years too late to be a striking commentary.

  7. It’ll look good next to the 12 other prints that have the same border. My bomb border room is almost complete!

  8. Its called milking it and total lack of integrity. No standards whatsoever. Who cares if I put out the same ol’ crap if the kids keep buying ’em?

  9. Doctor Danger hit the nail on the head. It seems as though he’s releasing a print each week only for the sake of releasing a print, not because he actually has something meaningful to share.

  10. Lest we forget that Faux “news” runs propaganda 24/7. Soon Wall Street “Journal” will be doing the same. Fairey releases a poster once a week. So who cares if the war started five [5] years ago. Maybe the problem is that none of you E-entertainment news-watching, Maxim-reading numbskulls feel that it is time to “move on” while the quagmire wages on.


  11. I want that ten seconds of my life back, E.

  12. Yeah E get riled up. Obey is clearly on the radical protest front (major sarcasm…). Hes such an anarchist!

  13. It’s not that he doesn’t have anything to say. I’m glad he’s political, but it seems like he’s rushing just to get out a print a week.
    He’s choosing quantity over quality.

  14. I like this print (the sunset print made me take a closer look at obey prints).
    I would bet that there a lot more work goes into these prints than you critics realize.
    just saying

  15. Bullshit. The only thing new about this print is the hand, nozzle and eagle. And I’d bet with a minimal amount of searching one could locate all three of these in easily modifiable form somewhere online.

    Switch it up Shep. Your illustration style is dope, but you gotta find a different drum to beat. This politically inclined shit is getting old.

  16. its not that the message doesnt need to be heard any more, its just that its like a preacher that has been giving the same sermon for 5 years. we just need a new way to think about it. loose the protest and pump a solution.

    its also kinda lame to only put the second color on half of the run and call it a second color way.

  17. Found the exact eagle on an Obey womens t-shirt. the guy is just copying and pasting different shit together…

  18. i’ve been a fairey fan for over 5 years and this shit is getting tiring…same shit, same day, same time, and every single time…i still can never get a print because of the heavy traffic on his page and the exceeded bandwidth the server has.

    his message is getting to be tiring

  19. WoW! A lot of negative and uninformed responses to these prints and to shepard in general. It’s very simplistic to say that Shepard churns out a print a week just for the sake of putting something out, as it is to write off the variants as being lame. Just because we get to see a print a week does not mean the print has been made that wake or that it only took a week to make or anything of the sort. It might have taken longer, it might not have. He might already have a line-up of prints and have a new idea that ends up being pushed to the front of the line. It’s just not as cut and dry as you hate mongers condescend to make it seem.

    Each colour requires its own stencil, hence more colours means more work. More colours also means more cost to him. As for exploring and revisiting themes, great artists have done that and will continue to do so whether you or anyone else likes it or not. VanGogh, Monet, Degas, David, Warhol, Rauschenburg. Need I go on? Instead of hating on an artist for his exploration, how about enjoying the fact that you are getting to see someone evolve. You’ve been allowed the priviledge of witnessing Art History. If you’re not here to enjoy that, don’t ruin it for those of us who are.

  20. Operation Eagle Enima, this sucks everyone knows it some people will still buy it though cause they will use it to trade for better obey prints or get a quick $50 from the flip.

  21. i’m not uninformed. i screen print, i’m aware of what goes into a second color. two screens were made for this, it would have been very simple to keep printing in a second color. For what he charges, its no sacrifice.

    I can understand, i even prefer a lot of one color prints myself, but lets put it this way –
    there are 5 color prints by horkey where in the varient you get 5 completely different colors and on a different color paper. What do you think that ‘costs the artist’.. especially an artist that doesnt sell as much as fairey?

    “Instead of hating on an artist for his exploration, how about enjoying the fact that you are getting to see someone evolve. ”

    I really don’t think anyone is saying that, in fact its quite the opposite. We’re getting kinda sick of his LACK of exploration and NOT enjoying the fact that he ISNT evolving.

  22. Did “Plastic Robot” just imply that Fairey is on the same level as “VanGogh, Monet, Degas, David, Warhol, Rauschenburg”?

    and “You’ve been allowed the priviledge of witnessing Art History”

    HA! I feel so special! I’m tired of tools preaching about OBEY world dominance and phenomenonism bullshit… it’s paint on paper; a way of delivering a message, not a “movement”. Just because some people enjoy his art doesn’t mean he is a super hero, like you are implying.

  23. Eh, some pretty funny comments in here.

    Screenprints aren’t made with stencils, and its not that hard to add a second color in photoshop or illustrator, which is what he does. Its not rocket science.

    Hi Tony.

  24. hey dude, i should have you over soon to show you the rocket science i’ve been working on in the basement. its actually happening this time.

  25. Obey the “image tracer” in the same paragraph as monet/van gogh. Oh man you can’t make this s*hit up. LOL

  26. No, Plastic Robot did not just imply that Shepard Fairey is on the same level as VanGogh, Monet, Degas, David, Warhol, Rauschenburg. I named artists who did multiple images of the same subject matter. (It was the follow through of the previous sentence.) Repetition aids learning, so hey – maybe he’s just trying to get it right?

    Oh, and there was no implication of Shepard being or even resembling a superhero. I was simply trying to express that, whether you or any of the others are feeling his current vibe, the images are going to endure.

    ; )

  27. No Wanksta, you can’t make it up. You can study Art History and observe the bahavior of artists throughout the ages. That’s fairly simple and it’s accessable to anyone. Open a book and there it is!

  28. “multiple images of the same subject matter” is very different from “using the same graphic over and over”. i draw trees and ghosts, but i dont use trees and ghosts from old prints to make new prints.

    also i draw them.

  29. ZING!

  30. it’s just half-assed, and boring really (if you’ve seen the others at least). i don’t care much for them, although i like a lot of his other stuff. i don’t make a print a week because A: i wouldn’t want to do something if couldn’t keep it fresh and new, and B: even if i could i would only sell a handful. ; )

  31. The day you sell a print (any print) for 6k, then you can talk shit about Fairey. To borrow from a quote of the great poet Ice Cube, “Fairey pushes prints like weight”.

    With that being said, this print sucks. It’s been all downhill since Sunsets and Toxicity Inspector. I have a feeling the Fairey will rebound shortly though. It’s the summer in LA you douche bags. Ever been in Southern CA in the summer? It’s fucking insanity at the beaches. Fairey is probably out on the beach fucking wannabe actresses and porn stars.

  32. does it have to be a single print? or an edition with a profit of over 6k? i just wanna make sure i can speak my mind in the future.

  33. It has to be a single print, sorry dood.

  34. Well put, Stoney!

  35. Oh! And where can I get that t-shirt!?

    ; )

  36. ok, mitch just bought one of my prints for 7k. so im good.

    anyways, someone prolly paid $6k for a good print, so this is all sort of a moot argument.

  37. I just don’t see the need for a new print every week if they’re all going to look the same. I understand repetition, but how powerful is the message when it’s completely diluted?

    Guess it’s all about $.

  38. Hey! How about that new Dan McCarthy print? Pretty sweet huh?

  39. what happened to the Andre face. Bring Andre back Shepard.

  40. Stoney how old are you 16? LOL

  41. Plastic R – I will simply respond by quoting you on Obey
    “You’ve been allowed the priviledge of witnessing Art History”

    LOOOOOOOOOOL. Your school should be embarrassed that you passed their art history 101 course.

  42. If I’m 16, you’re a toddler.

  43. “Your school should be embarrassed that you passed their art history 101 course.”


  44. more like art shitstory

  45. The only insightful thing I have gathered from this discussion is that screenprints are made with stencils.

  46. Here’s a notion. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I’m sure he’ll still be able to feed himself without your milkmoney.

    Just a thought.


  47. new record for comments on an OMG post?!

  48. DD, keep speaking the truth. I have purchased a few Obey prints in the past, but Shep’s art is a con. Any more, he’s not an artist as much as a master of Photoshop, and of shaking the change out of his fanboys. This “set” is just sad — and indicative of why Obey stuff will be selling for less than cost in the future.

  49. Let’s get this one to 200 pages!

  50. Silkscreen is a stenciling process, guys.

  51. Wanksta – you know your moniker’s pretty appropriate.
    My school is embarrassed that they couldn’t find reason to expell me. Their Art program was so cursory that I found I’d learned significantly more from my highschool Art History classes back home and from my own studies.

    With twenty years of studying and observing Art History behind me, I think I have a viable insight. What are you bringing to the table, other than a wankster’s cramp?

  52. Naw man he’s a wanksta, as in “wannabe gangsta”.

  53. lets not get into a cred pissing contest. you studied art history, well, alot of people did too. im a printmaker, i sell art prints, lots of people do that too. if people didnt want their art discussed, they wouldnt and shouldnt put it out there.

    plus, in this case, its not even like were making this blind statement that “SHEP FUCKING SUCKS”, were dissapointed because hes capable of so much better, and lately hes been putting out prints that are seemingly lazy rehashes of old images and common statements.

  54. Plastic R- forget about your 20 years of “studying” art, if you bring 80 years “to the table” you’re still a pathetic art historian. The proof is in your writing. I don’t need to elaborate because all I need to do is repeat your quote “You’ve been allowed the priviledge of witnessing Art History”

    LOOOOOOOL. A witness to swapping out 2 layers in illustrator. Oh you are familiar with adobe illustrator arent you?

  55. Has anyone seen Shepard Fairey skateboard? Man, he is really bad. If you’ve ever seen it, you’d totally bag on his prints.

  56. Um – what does his skateboarding have to do with the artwork he’s producing now?

  57. Evan Palebird just blew my mind. Its true, Mitch. I read it on Wikipedia. As for all the self-validating of opinions and adolescent name-calling, is it really that hard to swallow some well-versed critique of Shepard’s work? I think a lot of people here, self included, have a lot of respect for the guy and honestly believe that he just took a piss with this one. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, obviously. Hit the self-destruct button now, admin.

  58. Wanksta – you may wanna stick with addressing subjects you know something about. Whether you like it or not, Shepard Fairey’s artwork is and will continue to be a part of Art History.

    And no – I don’t know anything about Adobe Illistrator, as I prefer Photoshop. I just find the interface and keyboard shortcuts to be more efficient. That may just be because that’s what I’ve worked with the most though.

  59. The only history Fairey’s weekly prints will be a part of is the $5 poster bin at the local swap meet.

  60. I guess a screen technically is a stencil, but its quite different from the normal “stenciling” Shepard does on the street or on HPM’s.

  61. maybe you should d/l the trial version of Illustrator and maybe you’ll come to the conclusion “WTF! Obeys been playing us kids for suckers!”

  62. I think I have Illustrator on my laptop actually, I just haven’t used it as I found that Photoshop worked well for my ADD inhibited processes. I’ll check it out though. Thanks!

    Oh and Thanks admin for your weekly posts. I really appreciate it.

  63. Illustrator is for vector illustration. This means that you create images using “paths” that can be blown up to any size with no quality loss.

    Photoshop is raster image manipulation software. If you blow up artwork in Photoshop, it looks like ass.

    Most solid line work you see is created (or at least cleaned up) in a vector program like Illustrator.

  64. Oh. Thanks for the info Evan! Now I remember why I chose to go with Photoshop – I couldn’t get my head around paths. But from the way you explain it, it sounds as though I should probably go through the hardening process of learning Illustrator. (sheesh!)


  65. Just start with the pen tool… trace over something cartoonish, like a picture of fred flinstone to get the hang of it

  66. Oh ok. I’ll give that a shot. Would help a lot if I had a tablet. It’s a bit of a pain trying to do it with a mouse, though that’s what I”ve been doing for years.

    Thanks. This should be interesting…

  67. wow, this really took a turn.

  68. Prints are still available

  69. I know! Weird, huh. I’ve been watching the print page, expecting to see those SOLD OUT signs pop up.

  70. Maybe he upped the run again? Could be a edition of 600 each.

  71. Yah, that’s what I was just wondering.
    Anyone know how many in this edition?

  72. i still like shep.

    hey evan!

  73. Hey Tony!

  74. Hopefully this won’t sell out this week…

  75. I agree with dirtyd. Hopefully this will send him a message that people aren’t feeling this shit anymore. Then maybe he’ll move on to something new and refreshing.

  76. This same shit happened with the black dude playing the geetar print.

  77. Really? I didn’t even try for that one as it really didn’t appeal to me. Interesting.

  78. where the fuck are the posts about the goddamn monster trucks?

  79. That one ended up selling out the next day I believe.

  80. HA! Only one sold out, the other is still available… proof that even flippers have some taste.

  81. Well they’re both sold out now.

    So do you think Shepard reads this blog? I’m sure it’d be pretty useful to him.

    ; )

  82. It took almost a whole day to sell out 700 prints? OMG, Sheps pimp hand is really weakening.

  83. They could have said they were sold out just to save face. They probably have a few hundred left that will mysteriously appear in another site sometime next week.

  84. “They could have said they were sold out just to save face. They probably have a few hundred left that will mysteriously appear in another site sometime next week.”

    No, next week it’ll be a sweet shit-brown colorway at Metropark.

  85. Don’t forget that Obey is now opening a “retail gallery”, I’m sure some are saved for that.

  86. I’m glad we are all friends now. I am excited for the shit-brown colorway, since I somehow managed to miss this one.

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